10 most valuable resources for vocational teachers and trainers


Teachers and trainers are the foundation of quality education and quality education is what brings a lifetime of opportunities for millions of people. Without their guidance, we can’t thrive in our lives. With the unprecedented outbreak of COVID-19, the entire skilling ecosystem is going through a major paradigm shift. Being an important part of the skilling ecosystem, teachers and trainers adapted to some major changes and had to learn a lot of new things. They have taken a leap of faith and have commenced online education.

This Teacher’s Day, Team NSN would like to contribute to their sincere effort in adapting to the new normal. So, we have put together 10 most valuable resources for vocational teachers and trainers. These resources will help in effective teacher training and in the professional development of vocational teachers and trainers. These will also help the teachers and trainers in improving their teaching skills, acquiring new knowledge, and develop new proficiency. This knowledge will in turn be passed on to the students.

10 most valuable resources for vocational teachers and trainers

  1. https://www.bibb.de/govet/en/54883.php
  2. http://oasis.col.org/handle/11599/694
  3. https://nsdcindia.org/national-portal-trainers-and-assessors
  4. https://www.nationalskillsnetwork.in/
  5. http://www.psscive.ac.in/
  6. https://unevoc.unesco.org/tvetleadership/#about
  7. https://www.ilo.org/budapest/WCMS_735475/lang–en/index.htm
  8. https://www.ilo.org/skills/areas/skills-policies-and-systems/WCMS_465072/lang–en/index.htm
  9. https://www.nitttrc.ac.in/
  10. https://www.tafensw.edu.au/course/-/c/c/TAE50116-01/Diploma-of-Vocational-Education-and-Training

10 most valuable resources for vocational teachers and trainers

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