10 reasons to apply to an Incubator


Skill development and vocational training is one of the important Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set by the United Nations for reducing poverty, inequality and promoting economic growth. Adopting this as a core objective, many passionate entrepreneurs have embarked on a journey of skill training to complement formal education and enhance employability.

We understand the challenges social entrepreneurs face in making their ideas a reality. As their organization begins to shape up either as a profitable venture or a not-for-profit in the skill development space, they need continuous support and handholding. This could be in the form of mentoring, networking, financial support, validation of business model or just being a part of the growing community of social entrepreneurship.

UnLtd India makes you an offer you can’t refuse. For the last 11 years, UnLtd India has been supporting a number of social entrepreneurs working in the educational and skilling domain through its Incubation Program – an engaging learning experience with like-minded social entrepreneurs, mentors, funders and investors.

10 reasons to apply to an Incubator


Apply online: Click the link http://bit.ly/UnLtdIndia to apply online before 15th May 2019.

Here are 10 reasons why you should apply now!

  1. Customised for you

The program is tailored to your needs as a social entrepreneur. You get your own go-to-person who will help you with Strategy, Execution, Marketing, Governance, Finance etc.

  1. Meet New People

We have a community of over 200+ social entrepreneurs. You pick up on the best practices, connect with people from different sectors, gain new perspectives, and definitely make a new group of friends along the way.

  1. Activities and Workshops

We drop to the basis; pen, paper and lots of crayons to map out your challenges and draw out long-term tangible solutions.

  1. Financial Support

Passion brings your idea to life, money sustains it. We facilitate small financial support to jumpstart your idea.

  1. Interact with Experts

Thanks to the last eleven years, our network is wide and ever-growing. We will introduce you to people with expertise who can guide you in developing your organisation.

  1. Grow as a Leader

Through leadership retreats and one-on-one meetings, we work with you to develop as a leader especially with strategy, execution, relationship and personal learning.

  1. Access to Funders

You will get a chance to present your idea to funders and investors. We will train you to do it the best way in order to find follow-on funding that will help you sustain your idea.

  1. Future-proof your idea

We work with you to set milestones and get on the road to achieving them. We guide you through the twist and turns as you strive to make a positive social change in this world.

  1. Free office space

Walk into our office anytime, pick a spot, have a cup of chai and get through your to-do lists.

  1. Lifetime Members

Once you are a part of the Incubation Program, you become a lifetime member of our community. You can reach out to us for any assistance, anytime.

Be a part of UnLtd India’s July 2019 Cohort! Applications to our Incubation Program are open till 15th May 2019. Click here to apply: http://bit.ly/UnLtdIndiaForm

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