2019 Year in review: Future Skills and Future Jobs


With the increased use of technologies,the industry is changing at a rapid pace. So  there is an urgent need to realign the needs of the industry. The new age technologies will be essential for any job role in the future. So skilling the youth these future skills will ensure their employability.  With the exact vision in mind, the government is also taking initiatives by providing industry-relevant skill development initiatives through various schemes. In the year 2019 a lot of such initiatives from not only the government but also from various industry bodies were taken with an aim to train the youth and to make them future ready. 

As year 2020 is here, it is important to look back at the happenings of the year 2019. It will ensure that we start the new year with fresh insights and optimistic mindset.

Digital adoption and its impact on the skilled jobs of the future

As industry 4.0 is challenging our understanding of the physical and digital worlds, it is crucial for us to have insights provided by technology which will help businesses make critical decisions by harnessing the power of new age technologies like AI, IoT, Big Data and Blockchain. Read more

NASSCOM partners Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT) to enhance the employability of students

Mr. Amit Aggarwal, CEO, IT-ITeS Sector Skills Council NASSCOM signed an MoU with Dr. G Viswanathan, Chancellor, Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT) on 27th November at NASSCOM headquarters in Delhi.The main objective of the partnership between NASSCOM and VIT, Tamil Nadu is to promote hiring across the industry and to ensure a well-equipped and industry ready workforce. Read more…

Why colleges have to focus on work-integrated learning?

While the future of work is getting more technology-driven with collaborative, cross-functional job roles, are the colleges preparing their students for future jobs? Every enterprise is becoming a digital enterprise and the youth must be prepared with future skills for suitable employment. In this Skill Talk, Dr. Sandhya Chintala, Executive Director, IT-ITeS Sector Skills Council NASSCOM (SSC NASSCOM), shares insights on why skills acquire supreme importance with the ability to do and perform. Read more…

Government approves Rs 436 Crore for skill development in the IT sector through Future Skills PRIME

The Government of India will invest Rs. 436 Crore over a period of three years on the expanded platform of Future Skills. This expanded digital platform would be called Future Skills PRIME (Programme for Reskilling/ Upskilling of IT Manpower for Employability). Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad, the Union Minister for Electronics and IT, on this occasion said, “In the digital world trained workforce will become India’s biggest competitive advantage”.  Read more…

Future Skills: A digital initiative by NASSCOM to upskill technology professionals

Future Skills, the digital learning platform from NASSCOM, is an industry-driven learning ecosystem. It is the first-ever industry utility for upskilling the IT workforce. With the increased use of technologies, there is a need to realign the approaches of the industry.  This platform will ensure that all the needs are fulfilled. This initiative from NASSCOM will help India accelerates the journey of skilling and achieve its goal of becoming the global talent hub. Read more…


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