2019 Year in review: Social entrepreneurship in skill development


Many youngsters are concerned with bringing a positive impact in society along with making money with their business model. Social enterprises and social entrepreneurship have taken off as successful businesses as well as addressing some of the global issues like combatting climate change, improving education and skill development among others.

Let us look at some of the social enterprises in India that work in the domain of skill development among children and youngsters to help them grow in their careers and build a sustainable livelihood.

Why schooling and skilling have to go together: Insights from social entrepreneurs

Today’s school-going children are not aware of what it means to adapt and work in a world that’s constantly changing. For being tomorrow’s workforce and job creators, students need a strong orientation in multiple skills such as cognitive, social, behavioral, technical and vocational. Read more

Khwaab Welfare Trust – Giving Wings to Dreams

With the aim of transforming the lives of people at the grassroots level, Khwaab Welfare Trust has taken several towards it. Programs by the Khwaab Trust have helped a number of women to overcome many personal and professional challenges, which eventually led to their financial and social empowerment. Read more

Social Entrepreneurs in Skill DevelopmentNavGurukul transforms the lives of students through coding skills, ensuring a job in the IT industry

Higher education is seen as an instrument to help people transition into high growth careers and create a more inclusive society. To promote higher education to one and all in an equitable manner, organizations like NavGurukul developed an employability program that empowers aspiring students who could not complete or afford higher education programs. Read more

Ayansh Foundation empowers youth-at-risk through a unique skill-based training model

To help many young people from underprivileged sections receive a quality education, an alumnus from the  Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS) joined hands with several other graduates and formed “Advocating Youth At-risk through Nurturing and Support Hub” (Ayansh) Foundation. It is an initiative to educate and empower underprivileged youth and provide them with various livelihood options. Read more

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