3 tips to make online skills training impactful


With skill training shifting online, it has become a challenge for trainers and training institutes to make online skilling impactful. In fact, it is the biggest challenge faced by the whole skilling ecosystem. COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted the skilling and training delivery system and forced the stakeholders to go digital to deliver the lectures. However, it wasn’t a choice but a necessity. Therefore, through this article and video presentation, we would like to give you 3 tips to make online skills training impactful and successful.

3 tips to make online skills training impactful

1. Skills Training is about learners:

As soon as we shifted to online skills training, we mostly concentrated on the kind of technology we need to use, what would be various tools that will help us in the smooth delivery of training. But skills training is not always about technology alone but also about learners. Whether it is in terms of pedagogy or training content, learner engagement is as crucial as technology and tools to skills training.

2. Avoid duplication of the classroom:

Online classes cannot be a duplication of the classroom. We must avoid long theory sessions. Because long classroom sessions are very stressful for the student and one may not be able to concentrate much. Students must be given enough breaks in between the sessions. We must look at reorganizing and relooking at the curriculum and include some exercises and activities as part of the learning process. Content should be easy and engaging.

3 tips to make online skills training impactful3. Technology and tools:

We must understand that students who are taking the skill courses come from different financial backgrounds and may not have a good laptop, desktop, mobile phone, or a tablet. Internet connectivity and data plans might be a challenge for them to attend online sessions. Therefore, we must acknowledge these differences and gaps and create an e-content suitable for the students. Creating e-content is not converting something into a PDF but beyond that. For example, making presentations and sharing them.

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