5 Reasons why you should be doing an apprenticeship


Apprenticeships have many benefits that can often be unseen when you are searching for the right kind of on-the-job training. As an apprentice, you get exposed to the world of work through hands-on training even before joining a company. Today, there are a lot of sectors that provide apprenticeship training to aspiring individuals who want to develop their skills through industry-oriented training. Be it media, retail, aerospace, manufacturing etc, there are diverse opportunities that are aligned with the demands of today’s industry.

Apprenticeships give young candidates like you, the real world work experience. Doing an apprenticeship helps you in deciding your career well in advance as the industry exposure makes you aware of the work culture. Also, apprenticeship provides an opportunity to you to get absorbed by the company. However, even if you are not absorbed in the job after training, you have a clear edge over others when you are applying for similar jobs since your certification is highly valuable.

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5 Reasons why you should be doing an apprenticeshipNow, let’s look at the 5 reasons why you should be doing an apprenticeship:

Specialized skills through on-the-job training

On-the-job training helps you acquire specialized skills that are required in the industry.Being an apprentice,you are given specific job training under the administration of qualified staff. This way you will gain confidence in your work. The trainer directs you to perform the task appropriately and gives feedback immediately by pointing out any errors. This allows you to be incorporated quickly into the industry processes.

Earn while you learn

You earn while you learn. That’s right! Apprenticeship enables you to get paid by your employer.Therefore,you don’t have to worry about student loans or debt.It gives you the experience of a real working condition and prepares you to advance in your career.

Increased confidence

You may encounter the stumbling block of confidence once you start searching for jobs. This may be because of the unrealistic job expectations due to inexperience or an unrealistic picture of the career path. Apprenticeship can help you overcome this and gain enough confidence as you start your career.It provides an opportunity for you to interact with industry professionals and other people in your field and helps you get a better understanding of what the job is actually like and how you fit into it.

Government and industry recognized certification

Apprenticeship helps you to earn a government and industry recognized certification.This can help you to advance in your chosen career. As the job market is competitive with many candidates, what employers look for in candidates is the ability to perform required skills that is demanded by the industry. A government certified apprenticeship training simply makes the job of the employers easy, while comparing different candidates for their jobs. In short, you get an edge over others.

Long-term career prospects

With apprenticeship, you get to know more about the industry and work culture.Your training gives you clear ideas about the career paths and you will have enough knowledge about the industry.This way,you can plan your career well ahead based on your interests.As such,you will have a long-term career plan.

Getting ahead of the crowd as an apprentice means taking advantage of every opportunity to increase employability skills and knowledge of the industry.If you don’t want to miss the opportunity, register and apply for apprenticeships at https://apprenticeshipindia.org/.

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