5 Ways to enhance employability skills and meet job expectations

  • Am I employable?
  • What is employability?
  • Do I have what it takes to remain employable?
  • How do I excel in my job with such competition?
  • Who is responsible for me being employable?

These are the few questions every job seeker and working professional must be asking himself or herself, for it takes a skilled person to sustain the pressure of excelling in his or her job.

However, let’s look at the current scenario in India and keeping in mind the population of the country and the percentage of people who have undergone skill based education.  It is very important for us understand that skill development based education is the need of the hour and more often than not an answer to all the questions listed above.

employability-skillsFor instance, even as an engineering degree remains one of India’s most popular higher educational choices, a recent survey suggests that a whopping 80% of engineering graduates in India are unemployable. This must be taken as a wakeup call, not only by the aspiring engineers but also by those who intend to expand their forte in various other sectors.

  • Employability is the enhancement of skills and personal attributes that help un in getting employed, achieving success in the chosen career and having an edge over other contenders.
  •  Employability not only helps us land in a desired job and grow as an individual, but also benefits the workforce and a country’s economy.

Now the key question is – how do we remain employable, excel in a job and survive the competition?

Remaining employable is as important as getting yourself employed and here is a list of things that will help you stay employable throughout your career:


If there is something that is constant, it is change. Hence it is vital for you to be adaptable. The more adaptable you are, the easier it is for you to understand the job and work accordingly. Adaptability is one aspect that will keep anyone a step ahead of his or her close contenders and make work easier even if there is a considerable amount of change, as most companies constantly look to update their working conditions in order to better their productivity.

Familiarity with the latest technology

As most companies now make use of the latest technology and keep updating, familiarity with the latest technology will immensely help a person in remaining employable. With the launch of mobile applications, work has definitely become easier, keeping up with the technology will certainly make things easy and a lot of actions can be performed at a much faster pace saving a considerable amount of time.

Soft skills

While hard skills (technical skills) are vital in getting employed, soft skills are important in being employable throughout one’s career. It is important for you to maintain a good rapport with co-workers, since it helps maintain harmony. Working on soft skills and mastering it will prove magical in retaining any job in the current scenario as most companies look forward to turn into global businesses.

Constant learning

As there is an update in the work related skills every now and then, it is important for you to keep learning the latest nuances of the trade in order to be up-to-date with the market. Let’s remember that learning doesn’t end when we get our university degrees. In fact, that’s when our real learning starts – it is the right time to gear up to face the realities and demands of employment and job market.


Working in an organization means that you hold a certain position and self evaluation will help you understand your position better by indicating what your strengths and weaknesses are. It also help you analyze the areas in which you have to improve. It’s always good to be aware of our strong points and how we can build on them through our professional journey.

Now, let’s look at how you can acquire and demonstrate the right skills to meet your employer’s expectations.

Employer’s ExpectationsHow you demonstrate your skills
Communication SkillsListen, understand and reciprocate. Be able to explain what you think and mean
Self motivationPush yourself and do things without being told
Problem solvingEvery problem has a solution. Think, apply your thoughts and find solutions
Meeting deadlinesStay composed under pressure, meet your deadlines
AdaptionBlend yourself to the working conditions and mould yourself accordingly
Team workWork for the benefit of the team
Valuing diversityRespect and understand your co-workers and their style of working


So, who is responsible for you employability?

As the saying goes, “self help, is the best help”, every individual is responsible for his or her own employability as they are the ones who should be acquiring the required skills. Also, the educational institutions play a major role in an individual’s employability and growth as they are the prime sources of skills and knowledge.

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