5 Ways Yoga helps in lifelong learning


The world of work is getting disrupted in many ways. We constantly need to deal with new situations at our workplace and home. We are required to keep a healthy balance between both. Lifelong learning is the only way forward and the need of the hour. To become a lifelong learner, we must have a sound mind in a sound body which can observe, question, learn and absorb new things. Yoga, an ancient practice and meditation, will help you attain a healthy mind and a healthy body by building your immunity. It provides many mental and physical benefits. It also helps you develop new skills and acquire new knowledge. 

There is a strong connection between lifelong learning and yoga. Yoga itself is a lifelong learning process. When we practice yoga, we are required to learn new positions every time as we go ahead.  Yoga you stay calm and build resilience. Yoga can also be practiced for stress management and is a method for self-control of anxiety.by reducing physical and emotional symptoms of stress. Gradually, there will be an improvement in health and quality of life.

Weighed down by the extreme pressure of work, domestic responsibilities and immunity worries, we all need our mind to be calm and composed. During the period of this isolation, we all should diligently practice yoga at home to manage the pressure of work and the domestic chores. 

On the occasion of International Yoga Day, keeping in mind the benefits and importance of Yoga, Team NSN had put-together five crucial reasons to practice it to become a lifelong learner. Read on to know more.

Makes us emotionally intelligent

Emotional intelligence is one of the key skills that everyone should have. It is difficult for us to be emotionally intelligent when our mind is not at peace. With all the stress and negativity around us, it is important for us to dedicate some time for our mental health. Yoga is the best way to feel healthy both physically and mentally. Yoga develops inner awareness. And when practiced regularly, it helps to acquire the skill of emotional intelligence by making our minds calm and composed. 

5 Ways

Effective decision making becomes easier

Decision making is a must have skill for a lifelong learner. Our mental, physical, emotional and spiritual strength greatly impact the decisions that we make which impact our lives in the long run. To make the right decisions we require a calm mind. Practicing yoga diligently, we will have a clam and content mind. It will also improve our mental strength. Yoga is a century old proven and effective method which helps us grow as a person and make right decisions when practiced regularly.

Helps in developing a growth mindset

While learning a new skill, having a fixed mindset could be fatal. It is very important for all of us to be agile and we should be able to think differently and have a growth mindset. Yoga helps us cultivate a growth mindset. We all know that to develop and grow, we sometimes need to take risks. Trying out new and different postures of yoga encourages us to take risk in other parts of our lives as well. 

Motivates for lifelong learning

The nature of the job that we are doing is going to change in the coming future. To cope with the change we all need to upskill ourselves. Lifelong learning is inevitable for today’s rapidly changing world and Motivation is the key factor for lifelong learning. Yoga can help us acquire the much needed skill. In yoga, we need to learn many new postures as we go ahead with it. This tendency will also help us in lifelong learning. We can see the results and learn a new skill through persistence.

Help us stay productive

It has been difficult for all of us to stay productive while juggling between work and the domestic chores. The mental stress and tiredness is also greatly affecting our productivity. We all should start out the day on a positive note by doing something productive to become active throughout the day. Doing yoga the first thing in the morning will help us clear our mind and we will be able to concentrate better. It will boost our immunity and will keep us healthy by dealing with the intense stress of the life that we all are going through. 

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We, at NSN,  believe that mental health is as important as physical health to lead a productive life and practicing yoga holistically will help us cater to both the aspects equally. During the period of this isolation we have been practicing yoga every single day at the comfort of our homes. On this International Yoga Day, we appeal to our readers to take out some time and practice yoga first thing in the morning to lead a healthy, skillful and productive life. 

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