ACE Foundation and Rhino Machines Industry- ITI and Industry-Industry Partnerships


Anwesha Composite Education Foundation (ACEF), a not-for-profit organisation supported by Composite Education and Rhino Machines Pvt Ltd have been investing in upgrading the quality of technical education.  Initially they set up their own Vocational Education Skill Centre in the premises of Rhino Machines, licensed content from Swiss Education system providers, absorbed the same, and have been successfully been able to demonstrate quality generic education in mechanical and electrical streams.

The two courses Mechanical and Electrical have a strong foundation building of students even 9th or 10th dropouts, are given multi skill education and exposure to both the branches before specializing in a branch of their choice in the 2nd year.

Industry-ITI and Industry-Industry collaborations for quality education in vocational skills is the need of the hour. With the rising automation and technology coming in, ITIs are unable to keep pace with the need, and low employability in higher education leaves a huge opportunity in vocational education becoming aspirational once again.

ACE Foundation and Rhino Machines Industry- ITI and Industry-Industry Partnerships

Fashion Design course and Mechanical workshop at ITI Anand

In the year 2016-17, Rhino Machines, with the support of ACEF began to participate in the development of ITI’s in Gujarat. Rhino is represented at the IMC (Industry Management Committee) of ITI Petlad as part of the PPP (Public Private Partnership) model adopted by Honda. Rhino presented the roadmap for ITI at Santrampur to upgrade the quality of training which included a 5 step approach – first, to implement the pedagogy through Training of Trainers, then infuse content into the existing courses, provide practical exposure in the industry with OJT (On the Job Training), upgrade the facilities at the ITI, start job work within the institution to generate revenue within the institute.

Bridging the gaps between ITIs and the needs of the industry


MoU signed with Steelcast

Having understood in depth the gap between industry needs and the present training outcomes from ITI, Rhino-ACEF started sharing the model with the industry and academia at different platforms. This has resulted in the extension of the institute at another industry in Bhavnagar, where the replication of the model at Karamsad (Rhino’s premises) will happen at Bhavnagar – Steelcast Limited.

Similarly Rhino and ACEF have signed MOU’s with couple of ITI’s nearby to provide access to their training centre at Karamsad for industry exposure and sharing resources, and at the same time shall be providing industry faculty to the ITI’s as and when needed during their ongoing curriculum.

ITI Anand Principal visits Rhino Machines

ITI principal’s visit at ACEF

Taking positive steps, they also offered to provide TOT and Content sharing as per the industry need under clear commercial arrangements, which would help upgrade the existing ITI’s quality of outcome, and make the ITI and vocational education aspirational.

In the times where higher education is not enabling employment, and there is a dearth of quality workforce, making Vocational Education Aspirational is one of the key agendas with Rhino-ACEF team.

This is also demonstrated in Rhino’s own operational team, where ITI’s having been trained and mentored are working on Automation, Robotics and Hydraulic systems. This is not only helping the industry on quality of job & productivity, but also helping the low income group meeting their aspirations in a structured framework.

ACE Foundation and Rhino Machines Industry- ITI partnerships

Visit of Rubamin Baroda

The government has put in a lot of input in building quality infrastructure, the buildings and space provided are huge. There are two challenges : the students coming in do not find the courses aspirational, there are a lot of drop outs in the course (as conveyed by the ITI principals), and the institutes lack the latest infrastructure and industry support.

There have been few and sparse interventions of industry engaging closely with the ITIs on the quality of education. A lot of CSR support is provided, and government is encouraging PPP model. However, the desired impact is not as desired.

Rhino – ACEF come with a fresh outlook of demonstrating how quality education can be imparted at ITI’s in partnership with industry.

Guest Author: Manish Kothari, Managing Director, Rhino Machines Pvt Ltd : Director, ACE Foundation Email :

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