Aerospace and Aviation Sector Skill Council (AASSC) partners Air Cargo Forum India (ACFI) to strengthen the skilling ecosystem 


Aerospace and Aviation Sector Skill Council (AASSC) partners Air Cargo Forum India (ACFI) to strengthen the skilling ecosystem in the industry. An MoU was signed to this effect between the two organizations, with the following terms of reference:

  • Promotion of skill development initiatives within the industry/sector
  • Providing inputs/guidance of Qualifications Packs in the area of demand and gap
  • Providing inputs on demand and supply of skilled workforce to effectively contribute to the Labour Management Information System (LMIS)
  • Ensuring industry involvement in curriculum and content development, training of trainers
  • Enhance visibility of AASSC within the industry
  • Appraisal of impact of change in technology and regulations in the industry
  • Involvement of industry in absorption of certified skilled candidates

AASSC and ACFI understand the shortage of skilled and certified manpower required in the Aerospace and Air Cargo Logistics segment of Aviation Sector and recognize the importance of AASSC’s role in competency building to match air cargo industry’s requirement of skilled manpower, and also wish to enhance qualitative and quantitative reputation of Aerospace and air cargo logistics supply chain of Aviation sector.

AASSC and ACFI will work towards fulfilling the needs of air cargo logistics sector by involving the industry in developing and reviewing the occupational standards, build a credible and stringent quality assurance system for identification and accreditation of training partners, training of trainers, stringent assessments and a credible certification, and bring in international best practices.

Key objectives of the MoU signed between AASSC and ACFI to strengthen the skilling ecosystem

The objective of this MoU is to enhance cooperation between AASSC and the ACFI to promote skills development for the betterment of the industry by creating a long term mutually rewarding partnership between ACFI and AASSC. Both Partners hereby mutually agree to the intent of partnership to:

  • Ensure implementation of NSQF as applicable.
  • Facilitate implementation of National Apprenticeship Program me Scheme (NAPS) in the industry.
  • Encourage workers from un-organized backgrounds to be certified (as per NSQF levels) by means of Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) schemes and earn AASSC certification for enhanced productivity and career progression.
  • Encourage experienced/retired industry people to participate in the training, curriculum, content development and assessment process of AASSC.
  • Set up “Centre of Excellence” (COE) in skill development in the Aerospace & Aviation sector.
  • Collaborate for review of skilling programs, vocational training programmers in Industrial Training Institutes (ITIs) and introduction of new programs as per demand requirements.
  • Encourage recruitment of trained and AASSC certified manpower aligned to NSQF levels.
  • Periodically share data on demand and supply of manpower to be hired directly or indirectly to facilitate training to AASSC based on future investment and demand in the industry.
  • Share inputs for up-skilling and re-skilling of manpower as per regulatory and technological changes.
  • Assist in carrying out a specific lab our market survey in the Aerospace & Aviation sector.
  • Assist for promotional support to publicize the initiative for skill development.
  • Nominating dedicated contact personnel to supplement this endeavor and work in coordination with each other.

There will be no financial implication/liability for either partner unless specifically agreed and included in the MoU or addendums to this MoU.

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