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Atul Kolhatkar, Trainer, AISECT, Raipur

Atul has adopted different teaching methodology with different students. With students, who have no prior knowledge of the subject, a more practical way of teaching has to be adopted. He has improvised NOS in practical manual type, which helps them in better understanding of technical knowledge, and provides them short notes in an easy language for better understanding subjects. They also conduct Personality Development Sessions for candidates for better customer handling training.

AISECT_Atul KolhatkarAs a trainer, he finds it difficult to explain topics as per NOS to students, who do not have basic knowledge of the subject. For such students, he holds additional classes to explain to them the basic concepts of the trade. Many students are not confident of attending interviews, for them they conduct special mock interview sessions.

He would like to add that, in course curriculum created by NSDC, NOS should be designed in a practical manual type, so that it will help trainees for better understanding of the course curriculum. A time to time update of NOS, keeping in mind present scenario of Indian industrial market, is needed, so that it will help them in getting better opportunities their relevant fields.  

Cheenu Garg, Trainer, AISECT, Punjab

Cheenu informs her students about the topics to be taken for next session, so that they read a little about them and come prepared for class. This helps her in conducting more interactive sessions. While mobilizing, she tries to reach out to both students and the parent. Parents’ involvement is necessary to ensure that they understand the idea behind the training and how it can help their children.

AISECT_Cheenu GargThere are challenges with regards to communication with trainees, which are dealt on a time to time basis. The course content initially provided was in English. Trainees being from Punjab found it difficult to understand the content. AISECT helped them by providing content in vernacular language. Many students are not regular to classes. Missing a session generally means student lags behind in remaining sessions as well.

She is extremely satisfied with the team and the overall progress of the project. AISECT team has been very supportive and has constantly guided them in overcoming the challenges while executing the training from providing content to smooth assessment of candidates. AISECT team has also played a crucial role in arranging placement drives for students.

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