5 years of Social Initiative by Anwesha Composite Education Foundation


Anwesha Composite Education – ACE Foundation completed 5 years of a social initiative of delivering skills and competencies on 28th March 2020. It has been already five years, and time has flown, and the institute has gone from strength to strength.

We run a Vocational Skill Development Centre in Anand, Gujarat. Started with an aim for bridging the skill gap between industry and academia, Rhino Machines, our parent company came up with a viewpoint that the need of the hour is not to train and hire single skilled workers but to have multi-skilled workers thereby reducing the time of an entire project and also not getting heavily affected by the attrition rate; thereby spending considerably less training time for freshers. Results will be:

  1. High Flexibility
  2. Decreased Labour costs
  3. Planning Efficiency
  4. Employment Satisfaction
  5. Higher Growth
  6. Enhanced Productivity  

Thus, aligning academia and industry was born an exclusive flagship called “Production Technician Vocational Programme”. The uniquely designed curriculum by industry experts and professionals has successfully helped us to conduct lectures along with practical sessions with industry workers having 25-30 years’ experience.

ACE Foundation completes 5 years of delivering skills and competenciesOur industry founder discovered the essence of the vocational education in Swiss Pedagogy – he believed that beyond skills, a very strong element of behaviours built into it made the vocational learning sustainable. And so gradually we adapted I.P.E.R.C.A. – way of education in the Swiss Vocational Education and is what differentiates this program of skill education from conventional technical skills.

Anwesha Composite Education Foundation together with industry partners has built a model which is replicable, scalable and aligns with the combination of skills and competencies – combining two worlds together – technology and behaviours!

Conventional short term program would look to transfer the technical skills in 300 to 600 hours and churn out volumes. But having the IPERCA methodology which is about Behaviours and Skills together ACE Foundation aligned with the NSDC six months program for certification, BUT took the duration to 3000+ hours of theory and practical, and 1000+ hours of industry on the job – a total of 4000+ hours before they got employed.

I – Information, is one of the founding behaviours – trains the mind to have all the information about the job before taking it up.

P – Planning, another behaviour – combines the skills of documenting, and the way of thinking – breaking down the large tasks into sub-tasks and have clear timelines

E – Elect the right process – using procedures

R – Render –the core physical technical skill which embeds Persistence and Commitment behaviours during the training.

C – Cogitate – self-checking, inspection, an important behaviour of quality control – self-assessment

A – Assess – verification of the entire process, execution – a foundation monitoring behaviour

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The impact of wholesome education of technical skills and competencies combined has allowed ACE foundation to be able to fullfill its vision of establishing a bridge between the industry and students and being able to roll out students who are competent enough to absorb more skills and be able to improve the competitiveness of their host industry, and both being satisfied.

Going through the UNCTAD entrepreneurship program, the understanding of the common purpose has percolated down into the team, and the ownership of the institution has reached right down to the students. It is the students of the 3rd semester who explain the institute with pride as owners and there is nothing more satisfying in the vision, values, and mission of the institution being absorbed across all the stakeholders.

ACE Foundation has built a model that is replicable, scalable and aligns with the combination of skills and competencies – combining two worlds together – technology and behaviours!

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