Trainees and Trainers from Apollo MedSkills share their messages on Independence Day 2018


Trainers talk about independence, freedom and empowerment through skills, knowledge and continuous learning

Indumathi Deepa Trainer Medskills“We at Apollo Med skills promote a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship by providing a platform for sharing innovative ideas alongside and support innovators .We strongly believes to work independently and harmoniously by maintaining high quality training.” Indumathi Deepa Trainer

Mary Anisiya Trainer Medskills“At Apollo MedSkills we believe that Knowledge is not power but Action (Skill) is. Here Students not just develop a student’s study skills, but also many other professional skills to grow their confidence and face greater challenges. As student gains more skills they will have more opportunities, freedom & independence.” Mary Anisiya Trainer

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Rajini M Medskills“Living life in a meaningful way is the responsibility of an individual. I am happy to teach my students about the skills that can enhance their knowledge and help them in making their life a successful one.” Rajini M Trainer


S Meenakshi Trainer Medskills“ I have learnt to live independently because of pursuing my studies. Now I am able to teach my students to live independently by giving knowledge and skills”.  S Meenakshi Domain Trainer


Irom Priyabati Chanu Trainer Medskills“by sharing my knowledge, I am empowering students to become employable and achieve independence by having a focus and direction in their life and become a good citizen of our country.”  Irom Priyabati Chanu Trainer 

Royal Uddin Ahmed, Trainer Medskills“ I am the trainer for EMT course. Youth here are un-employed and have no direction in life. I take pride in teaching these students and these skills and knowledge can give them freedom from bad habits and provides them a livelihood” Royal Uddin Ahmed, Domain Trainer


Runita Hazarika, Trainer Medskills“ as a trainer I get to learn from my students apart from teaching them through my knowledge. I think knowledge empowers students for a better life.” Runita Hazarika, English Language Trainer

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