Are you prepared for the Gig Economy with right skills?


The future of work is changing and moving towards a boundaryless talent from across the globe. The kind of jobs that are coming up are different from the ones we had and we have to prepare ourselves for the gig economy. So, what is the Gig economy? The Gig economy is a market with gig workers who are independent workers, freelancers, contract workers, etc. Unlike permanent jobs, the jobs in the gig economy are temporary and subject to providing services on-demand.

Are you prepared for the Gig Economy with right skills?Are you prepared for the Gig Economy with right skills?

To do the jobs in the Gig economy, you need to have the right skills, knowledge, and attitude to do such jobs. There are many challenges to be tackled to prepare ourselves for the gig economy. Some of them are –

  1. Skilling and upskilling – These are a new type of jobs and you need to keep yourself updated and keep learning continuously
  2. Responsibility and planning – You need to be responsible for your work, plan well for your assignments that there isn’t a point where you are not jobless
  3. Plan finances – Since there is no safety and security in the gig jobs, you need to plan your finances well. As it is not a full-time job, managing finances becomes very important. This could help you when you want to go for a loan too
  4. Quality and consistency – The world is very competitive. Therefore, it is only the quality and consistency of your work that will bring you repeated work and that is very important. This will also help you build a portfolio for yourself

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No doubt that short-term and contract jobs come with challenges, but they make you more responsible for your work, your talent, and skills. The critical and unprecedented times have seen a rise in self-employment and freelancing. Therefore, it is not just the employees who have to prepare themselves for the gig economy with the right skills but also the organizations that have to be more agile in accepting employees from remote and diverse locations. We all have to be ready for a future that is very different.

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