ASCI takes the lead for skill development in poultry sector


New Delhi, July 25: Agriculture Skill Council of India (ASCI) – organized the first Poultry Skill Advisory Meeting which saw participation from the Department of Animal Husbandry, Dairying & Fisheries, ICAR, CPDOs, Veterinary Colleges, and Training Institutes. Discussions were held to channelize the skill development efforts taken up in silos by Government, Industry and the Training Institutions and to work synergistically to bring about the desired outcome in the Poultry sector.

ASCI - poultry skill developmentIndia is the third largest egg and fifth largest poultry meat producer in the world. The structure of India’s poultry industry varies from region to region where both organized and traditional systems of poultry farming are followed. While independent and relatively small-scale producers account for the bulk of production, integrated large-scale producers also account for a share of output in some regions. Shri Sanjay Bhoosreddy , Joint Secretary DAHDF observed that sector is estimated to employ around 1.6 million people due to increasing demand. Whereas 80 percent of the employment is generated directly by the farms, 20 percent is generated in the provision of feed, pharmaceuticals, equipment and other services required by the poultry sector. Additionally, there may be a similar number of people who are engaged in marketing and other channels servicing the sector.

Poultry skill development India. jpgRural poultry farming is of great importance in a country like India as it not only generates income levels, employment opportunities to small farmers including women but also brings about desired socio-economic change in rural areas which are vital for rural development and rural prosperity.

Dr Satender Arya, CEO, ASCI emphasized on the support and commitment required from various stakeholders in making the sector aspirational to raise the self esteem of people associated with it and curb the rural migration taking the support of various government schemes viz. PMKVY etc. He also deliberated on the development of National Occupational Standards to give a headway to standardized training programs across the nation.

The discussion also highlighted the importance of skilling in achieving global standards related to biosecurity & waste management to promote international mobility.

Given the huge opportunities associated with the sector, Shri Sanjay Bhoosreddy, called for concerted efforts from various stakeholders to bring about the desired change paving the way for enhanced opportunities for the rural youth and boosting the productivity of the nation as a whole.


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