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B-ABLE Exhibited At Deccan CSR Summit 2018, Hyderabad (22nd February)

B-ABLE, under BASIX Group, exhibited at Deccan CSR Summit 2018 hosted by NGOBOX & co-hosted by NSDC National Skill Development Corporation. It was organized for various Companies, NGOs, etc. to share and learn best practices and discuss opportunities for collaborations on a common platform. The geographic focus of the summit was Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Odisha, Tamilnadu, Karnataka, Kerala and Maharashtra. Richa Aggarwal, B-ABLE’s Senior Manager (Business Development CSR) represented B-ABLE at the event.

B-AbleDeccan Summit

B-ABLE Participated In 31st Garden Tourism Festival (16th-18th February, 2018)

B-ABLE participated and promoted the vision ‘Green Urban India’ at 31st Garden Tourism Festival from 16th-18th February 2018. The initiative was to create awareness amongst the people, regarding the environment and how each one of us can contribute to preserving it through small steps. Deputy Chief Minister-Delhi, Mr. Manish Sisodia, was very impressed with the concept of B-ABLE’s ‘Gardner cum Nursery Raiser Skill training’.

Vocational Trainers’ Field Visit at ICRISAT, Hyderabad (22nd January)

B-ABLE NSQF Vocational Trainers’ field visit at ICRISAT, which is one of the most prestigious institutions in agriculture. This visit was conducted as a part of induction TOT programme for the vocational trainers of the new schools added to B-ABLE’s wing. B-ABLE Project Manager-NSQF, Ms. Jot Prakash Kaur, was also present there.


With an aim of facilitating mass people with vision care, B-ABLE Eye Mitra team has done 2, 87,610 eye refractions in January 2018, which has made it approximately 4.7 million refractions till now. With the funding partner Essilor (2.5 New Vision Generation), Eye Mitra entrepreneurial program has now been scaled up with 15 operational centres – 11 in UP and 4 in Rajasthan.

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