B.Voc courses in Dialysis Technology ASDT transform the lives of youth through work-integrated education


Apex School of Dialysis Technology  (ASDT) is a Tata Institute of Social Sciences – School of Vocational Education (TISS-SVE) Hub Partner for B.Voc courses.

Apex Kidney Care (AKC) started as a dream of four young nephrologists who met at a conference. They knew that a lot needed to be done in the dialysis sector in the city of Mumbai. The thought of starting a state of the art stand-alone dialysis centre took birth.

After overcoming a lot of initial hurdles and with the help of a few philanthropists Apex Kidney Care was born in 2007 and the first dialysis was done on 15th August 2008. Over the years Apex has made it their priority to keep patient well-being of prime importance and not just profits.  Apex now has more than eighty dialysis centres, all providing excellent quality dialysis at a reasonable cost.

B.Voc courses in Dialysis Technology

Apex School of Dialysis Technology

Apex School of Dialysis Technology offers career training to young students in the field of dialysis. If the student completes the 3 year course, it is equivalent to a B.Sc. degree.

There are many students who do not pursue college education due to lack of funds and the necessity to start work to support their families. Scholarships are also available for deserving students so that they can become fully integrated part of the society. These students have the potential to earn a livelihood and can support their entire family.

This initiative has great impact on society. One dialysis technician can take care of 8 patients per day in his 8 to 10 hours of duty. Students in their last semester will be given training responsibilities. They will help train and mentor the first and second semester students. This will not only give them sense of responsibility and belonging, but also develop teaching abilities to train future students and thereby giving back to the society what it gives them.

Some of the immediate benefits of students attending this course are:

  • Allows young technicians to earn while they learn
  • Placement Assistance provided after successful completion of course.
  • Students earn livelihood and support their families
  • Improved patient care due to availability of skilled and qualified dialysis personnel

Hitesh Yadav: B. Voc Dialysis Technology

Hitesh_Apex Kidney Care Dialysis B.VocHitesh comes from very humble beginnings from a very small farming village in the Raigad district of Maharashtra. After completion of his High School, he was employed as a grade IV employee in a healthcare firm. An ASDT counsellor advised him to join the course for better career opportunities.

Now Hitesh have completed 2 years advanced diploma in dialysis technology and pursuing B. Voc Dialysis Technology. After completing  his education he will be able to treat dialysis patients as well as support his family financially.

Vikram Patil: B. Voc. In Dialysis Technology

Vikram_Apex Kidney Care B.VocLife wasn’t easy for Vikram who came to Mumbai from a village called Sagaon in Sangali district of Maharashtra.

He joined Apex Kidney Care as trainee technician, with lot of struggle he found opportunity to continue his dropout education. Soon he was offered job as Jr technician. His superiors found a spark in him and encouraged him to take his education further.  He applied for B. Voc. In Dialysis Technology and he is one among few who completed this course recently from TISS –SVE.

“I am getting a post as Clinical coordinator in Apex Kidney. Now I am leading team of 8 clinical staff home Hemodialysis division and managing 35 patients. I am successful because of this course and confident to take more responsibility in this field.” Says Vikram proudly.

Pooja Dubey

Pooja Dubey B.Voc in Dialysis TechnologyPooja’s father suffers from End Stage Kidney Disease and has been undergoing dialysis for the past few years. Due to this, her father was unable to find a proper and steady job. During one of the dialysis sessions, Pooja was made aware of the B.Voc Course in Dialysis Technology by one of the technicians. Pooja is one of the students completing the course with the help of the scholarships.

Ms Pooja Dubey have completed advance diploma in dialysis technology and currently pursuing B.voc degree in dialysis technology. She is also getting stipend per month out of which she is able to support her family and contribute towards her father’s treatment. She is slowly and steadily taking over the entire responsibility of her family finances. She also understands the plight of the patients and is one of the most compassionate technicians. Due to her dedication she is one of the most liked technicians in the center. She has inspired the other people where she lives that there can be hope, even in the direst situations.

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