Grab the (Vocational) Opportunity: B.Voc in Media and Communication


There was an era when the entire nation called India used to watch one television channel one time and one TV serial like Ramayan and Mahabharat! Today, there are thousand television channels with some hundred Radio channels and unlimited online platforms for media and entertainment. But think about the work force in future. Who will provide skilled human resource to such thousand channels and upcoming new market and new economy?  Being a teacher of a Bachelor of Vocational course and witnessed last four years academic journey and output of B.Voc. Course (in Media and Communication) of our college I am really optimist about future!

Vocational courses at undergraduate level are an opportunity for young people of this country. India is a country where youth population is highest in the world. But, if the nation fails to provide employment for such large segment of the population it would become a serious problem. We are lucky in that sense, because the way vocational courses started in India to provide skilled based education for youth; we will be a skilled nation soon. But the main challenge today is to persuade students and parents about vocational courses started under B.Voc course.

B.Voc in Media and CommunicationI have seen and witnessed several students who have left their (formal) education and switched to B.Voc. My observation is that parents are the main decision makers. The stereotypical notion is there among all students and parents. If the children score best then he/she must obtain science and engineering education. Average students should go for Commerce or related areas and below average students should go (without any option) for vocational course. If we compare this mindset with other developed countries then we would find exactly opposite sense. Student`s interest and aptitude is important than simple marks. That is why innovation and technology pace is much more in other countries than India. China offer about some fifteen thousand different trades in formal education. I think that is the reason we find every market captured with `Made in China`.

The main change agent of 21st century is the internet. Internet market will destroy some thousand jobs in this country but it will create thousands of new jobs in this country. Basically internet is a global phenomenon. If one can work from home through internet then his/her job would be global. Future is about global market only. Students of our nation should understand the importance of skill based education. Formal education is only good for them those need a degree just for qualification purpose. But it is not useful for the first generation learners, village migrants, and those who need jobs immediately after graduation.

Media and entertainment industry is powered by technological pace. No doubt the pace of the technology will be double and triple soon. But the main concern is about there should be industry ready workforce. This skilled workforce is created by vocational education. This is really high time grab the opportunity.  

Author: Prof. Swapnil Kamble, Course Coordinator, Fergusson College (Savitribai Phule Pune University), Skill Development Centre,  B.Voc. Media and Communication

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