Training in beauty skills positively impacts Sunitha’s life


Our guest author, Shreya Srinath, is an undergraduate student at State University of New York at Geneseo NY. Writing social impact stories is one of her passions and here she presents the success story of Sunitha Ashoka, who underwent training in Beauty and Haircare skills from HUL – LabourNet. Shreya is keenly observing and studying the skill development space by interacting with several beneficiaries of training in the unorganized industry sector in India.

Here’s Sunitha’s story in the words of Shreya:

Sunitha Ashoka was a homemaker from Mangalore, whose duties and responsibilities required her to remain confined to the four walls of her home. However, that changed when she heard about PMKVY’s Beauty & Hair Care course and was referred to HUL’s Prabhat Center. Interested, she joined the course. However, she was unsure of what to expect from the course and was not sure of how good it would be.

“After attending the course, I feel that my direction in life has been renewed.” Sunitha.

Beauty skills LabourNet

These reservations soon changed as she began to attend the classes regularly. She quickly became immersed in the world of beauty. Sunita benefited from the course structure, which allowed her to learn and practice her newly acquired techniques through its theoretical and practical components. Additionally, Sunitha practiced her new skills in her free time, performing beauty services such as manicures and pedicures on her friends and family. She approached every single task with seriousness and diligence, developing a strong work ethic and professionalism. Thus, by the end of the two month course, Sunitha was encouraged to set up her own beauty parlour with the support of her friends and family.

Today, Sunitha is the proud owner of “Sunitha Beauty Parlour”, located in Padavinangady, Mangalore and aspires to expand her parlour one client at a time. She is grateful for the opportunity given by the PMKVY Beauty & Hair Care course as it boosted her confidence to aspire towards a greater future in the beauty industry.

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