A case of successful dual careers for women in informal sector


Positive changes rarely go unnoticed! Training becomes a catalyst with right skills and knowledge contributing directly to better quality of life and social security. Let’s look at some of the success stories of women who took the first step to supplement their incomes with dual jobs and eventually launched their own business. This is a good example of how training across industry sectors can complement for dual incomes as we see in most of the stories below that combine tailoring with beauty and hair care. All the women attribute this positive change in their lives to the support extended by Fullerton in accessing quality training from the LabourNet team.

LabourNet beauty training

Alpana’s story: Making a smooth switch in skill based professions

You may start with a profession by chancing on it, and when you know your interest lies elsewhere, you wait for an opportunity to make the switch. This is exactly how Alpana transformed herself from a reluctant tailor to a confident beautician. Fullerton’s Beauty course made it possible to pursue her interest being affordable and highly practical. Within a month of opening her parlour, Alpana could see lifestyle improvement and an aspiration to learn further by taking the advanced course. Since she has complete support from her family, she is confident that soon she will start a parlour in the city.

Deepali’s story: Dual businesses are best run with family support

Deepali is blessed to have a mother-in-law who encouraged her to take up a course in Beauty and supported her throughout till she set up her own parlour. When Deepali’s tailoring business was getting seasonal, it affected her income and she decided to get trained in being a beautician. Initially she found it difficult to cope with learning but later the trainers made it simple and interesting for her as they imparted all the relevant skills and knowledge. She smartly uses her tailoring clients as word-of-mouth marketers for her beauty parlour and is satisfied with her income and her accomplishments.

Mohini’s story: A vocation beyond formal education

Your formal education rarely gets you your dream job. Like in the case of Mohini Ritesh Kumar, who dreamt of being a beautician but could not pursue it due to family and financial reasons. A qualified 2D-3D animator and artist, Mohini’s life took a different turn after she enrolled for Fullerton’s Beauty course that gave her knowledge and skills in launching her own salon. The 3-month beauty course offered practical training with industry standard material and latest techniques. Filled with pride and confidence, Mohini is now focused on shaping the future of her daughter Parul with the newly gained economic independence.

Triveni’s story: When your interest earns you decent incomes

How do you grab an opportunity to convert your interest into the source of your livelihood? When Triveni’s tailoring business got unsteady, she could not do much as a homemaker. Fullerton’s Beauty course came as the best option to supplement her tailoring income without affecting her training attendance. She picked up all the knowledge and skills essential to launch herself as a professional beautician. Her parlour Ananya, named after her daughter, has a constant stream of customers. This has made Triveni financially independent and confident in taking up the advanced course, since she enjoys the support of her husband and in-laws.

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