BridgeNow Academy and Telangana SC Development Corporation (TSCCDC) partner to offer placement linked training in the Aerospace sector


BridgeNow Academy (An umlaut initiative), has recently collaborated with Telangana SC Development Corporation (TSCCDC) to offer placement linked training to youth in the Aerospace Sector. The first batch of 15 engineering graduates completed their 6 months of rigorous training at the BridgeNow Academy and umlaut and have been absorbed internally at umlaut company in various job roles.

We caught up with with Mr. Lachiram Bhukya, IRSME, MD, Telangana SC Corporation and Mohit Sharma VP- Public Policy & Government Relations at umlaut to learn more about their partnership and the roadmap to make a difference through skill development in Aerospace Sector.

Q: Tell us about BridgeNow Academy and how it plans to skill youth to make them employable in the Aerospace Sector?

mohit_sharma_bridgenow_academy_umlautMohit Sharma: BridgeNow Academy is a Not-for-Profit initiative of umlaut company in India. As the name suggest, it aims to bridge the gap between Academics and Industry through training, apprenticeship, advocacy and research.

At umlaut India, we faced major challenges while hiring freshers for our consulting and engineering initiatives. Though academically qualified, they lacked industry relevant skills and aptitude. So, in 2016, we started BridgeNow Academy as a Centre of Excellence in Aerospace to cater to the growing demand of skilled manpower in Aerospace Sector.We offer short term to long term (1 month to 1 year) placement linked training in Aerospace and Aviation, Automotive and emerging sectors like AI/ML and Data Analytics.

Q: How does Telangana SC Development Corporation plan to leverage the partnership with BridgeNow Academy for training candidates in Aerospace Sector?

lachiram_bhukya_irsme_md_telangana_sc_corporationLachiram Bhukya: Telangana SC Development Corporation has started giving skill development training programmes for the past 2 years with reputed organizations in the sectors where there is requirement of skilled manpower. It has covered the sectors like Construction, IT, Retail, Healthcare, Hospitality and Services, Manufacturing and Housekeeping etc. When BridgeNow Academy offered the opportunity for skilling engineering graduates in Aerospace Design and Aerospace Technical Publication and placement with umlaut company, we accepted it as an innovative model of partnering with Industry and offering employment opportunities to unemployed engineers.

Aerospace is a very aspirational sector for candidates and have immense employment potential in India and abroad and the BridgeNow Academy model of training through classroom and internship, leading to employment is worth highlighting.

Q: What are your views regarding growth and career opportunities in Aerospace Sector?

Mohit Sharma: In India, the Aerospace sector is poised for massive growth. The Government is very supportive so that both manufacturing and services in Aerospace sector thrives in India. On the Skilling front, the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship has set up AASSC (Aerospace and Aviation Sector Skill Council) that supports skilling and placement in the sector.

There are plenty of opportunities for the engineers, diploma holders and candidates with non-technical qualifications to build their career following sub sectors:

  • Aerospace Design and Development
  • Aerospace Manufacturing and Assembly
  • Airline Operations
  • Airport Operations, Cargo and Ground Handling
  • Maintenance Repair and Overhaul (MRO) 

Q: How will the association with BridgeNow help in enhancing the employment of unemployed engineers?

Lachiram Bhukya : In Telangana, every year 20,000 to 30,000 engineering graduates are getting their degrees from various government and private engineering colleges. For every engineer, getting a government job is not possible. These graduates who are said to be the better off the qualified educated unemployed youth have talent but lack of opportunities and reference, are lagging behind in the society. As these are all from the BPL families, if not taken care or not given opportunity at the right time, over a period of time, they will become burden to the society. To create a better future and a better society, a platform for these young graduates should be created.

bridgenow_academy_and_telangana_sc_development_corporation_partner_to_offer_placement_linked_training_in_the_aerospace_sectorQ: How would you rate the infrastructure, training, faculty, OJT and placement support offered to the candidates by BridgeNow Academy?

Lachiram Bhukya: The BridgeNow Academy Centre of Excellence in Bengaluru is a state-of-the-art training centre equipped with advanced teaching and training aids, hardware and software. The institute has extremely well organized training curriculum and very well planned OJT(on job training) module.

The faculty and mentors who offer training are exceptionally well qualified and experienced and are very well aware of the skills demanded by the industry. The internship and placement support given to these candidates will definitely go a long way in supporting their career.

Telangana SC Development Corporation will look forward to have better opportunity for the educated unemployed youth of SC community wherever the opportunities are available. We will support and take up the future courses proposed by BridgeNow Academy.

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Q: What is your experience based on the outcomes from the 1st batch -15 candidates trained and all placed within umlaut group? 

 Lachiram Bhukya : Telangana SC Development Corporation is extremely happy for collaborating with BridgeNow Academy and umlaut company as its training and industry partner in Aerospace Sector. The first batch of 15 candidates successfully completed their 6 months of training and OJT and have been placed within umlaut company. We also noticed a remarkable difference in their behavioral and interpersonal skills.  greater opportunity for these young talented engineers. If these 15 candidates utilize the opportunity given by P3/SC Development Corporation, they can build their career exceptionally well.

Q: What is the feedback from the candidates who joined this unique training, OJT and placement programme?

Mohit Sharma: All the candidates who have completed or are undergoing training are extremely happy with the course content, duration and OJT facilities. They are thankful to Telangana SC Corporation and BridgeNow academy for providing them learning and employment opportunities. Many of them have personally reached out to me to give positive feedback about the programme and have referred their friends for next batches.

Another important achievement for BridgeNow academy is to achieve zero dropout and 100% placement in the first government sponsored training batch. This is a validation of our industry driven, government-supported model of skill development and employment.

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