Budget 2020 announces Rs 3000 crores and Rs.99,300 crores for skills and education respectively


Out of the three themes for Budget 2020, skill development initiatives can find an alignment with each of them. The themes being, Aspirational India, Economic development for all and Caring society – human and compassionate, skills cut across all of them! Skills and Education are the core of building aspirations and the government has announced Rs 3000 crores and Rs. 99,300 crores respectively for these two core sectors that can transform the lives of many in India.

Highlights: The coming together of skills and education and moving in the direction of mainstreaming vocational training through degree apprenticeships. About 150 higher educational institutions will start apprenticeship embedded degree/diploma courses by March 2021.

Budget 2020: Building youth aspirations through skills and education

“On Education front, Rs 99,300 crore is being allocated  in 2020-21 and Rs 3000 crores for skill development.  New Education Policy will be announced soon. About 150 higher educational institutions will start apprenticeship embedded degree/diploma courses by March 2021. Degree level full-fledged online education programme to be started. 

Under its “Study in India” programme, an Ind-SAT is proposed to be held in Asian and African countries. A National Police University and a National Forensic Science University are being proposed in the domain of policing science, forensic science, cyber-forensics etc. It is proposed that special bridge courses be designed by the Ministries of Health, Skill Development.” Ms. Nirmala Sitharaman, Finance Minister

Budget 2020 announces Rs 3000 crores and Rs. 99,300 crores respectively for skills and education

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Other industry-wise highlights of the budget that will create opportunities for employment, entrepreneurship and the need for skilled workforce:

  • Importance of Horticulture projects at the district level and strengthening of online portal on Jaivik Kheti
  • Shortage of medical doctors, hence hospital – attached medical college to be set up in district hospitals in PPP mode
  • Acquire greater inflow of finance through FDI to attract better, well qualified teachers
  • Bridge course will be launched in the Healthcare sector as a collaborative effort between the Health Ministry and Ministry of Skill Development and ‘Entrepreneurship.
  • Focus on skill development to cater to the huge demand for teachers , nurses, paramedical staff and care givers as their skillsets don’t’ match international standards
  • Improving farmers’ income and promoting solar power in the farming sector to enable livelihoods
  • Boosting the logistics sector with cold chain supply through Kisan Rail ( PPP model) so that perishable goods can be transported quickly. Krishi Udaan would be launched by MoCA on international and national routes.
  • National Logistics Policy to be released to facilitate single window e-logistics and skill development and making MSMEs more competitive
  • National Police University and Forensic Science university to be set up
  • Encouraging manufacture of mobile phone, semi-conductors etc by strengthening the Electronics industry
    Infrastructure development and a push for skilling in this space along with a push for youth to nurture their startups for supporting infrastructure
  • Rs 1,480 crores outlay announced for National Textile Mission
  • The aviation sector will grow with 100 airports by 2024 under Udaan scheme
  • Focus on Data Analytics, Fintech with Data Center Parks to be built throughout the country
  • National Mission on Quantum Technologies and Applications will be formed
  • Growth of tourism, state government to develop roadmap to seek grants from the outlay of Rs 2500 crores for tourism
  • Indian Institute of Heritage and Culture to be launched; lack of trained manpower is a handicap in the tourism sector; 5 iconic archeological sites to come up at Haryana, UP, Assam, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu
  • Entrepreneurship has always been the strength of India with many entrepreneurs taking risks and coming up with new solutions ; setting up of investment clearance cell, pre-investment advisory to ease investments in startups.

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