Role of parents in children’s career choice


Mrs. Suma Kotra, a resident of Oklahoma, strongly believes that parents most certainly have the right to decide on a child’s career. However, she feels that it has to be done the right way. Allowing kids choose their field of passion gives them tons of job satisfaction and they inherently perform better is what she strongly feels.

Mrs. Suma also tells team NSN that she strongly agrees and believes that education and the child’s skill go hand in hand. Through her experiences she feels that if a child is given just knowledge, it might not help him in the long run. She also believes that a combination of skills and knowledge gives the kids more awareness, experience and opportunities.


Not just education, every other area develops s child’s personality and holistic growth and on a scale of 0 to 10, she believes that a child is happy at number 9 when skill sets and job go hand in hand.

Mrs. Suma also explains that parent’s role in their child’s education is as high as 75%, because parents are the ultimate pillar of strength for their kids, and if parents are not happy involvers in the child’s learning process; there are highly likely chances that the kid might fail to grow and perform scholastically and drift away. Mrs. Suma strongly agrees with the fact that skillset is more important than a job.

She reflects on the fact that parents cannot bear to see the initial struggle of a child when they take up a non-clichéd profession and this is what needs to be changed catastrophically. She feels that true change can occur when people are shown and made aware of the future prospects of different courses in the country.

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