Centum Foundation launches Centum GRO to skill deaf youth in India


Centum Foundation, the CSR wing of Centum Learning partners US-based Global Reach Out (GRO) to skill the deaf and hearing impaired youth in India. The event was held in Delhi on 23rd February 2017, to announce the initiative to provide leadership and entrepreneurial skills to the youth are differently-abled. GRO has been in the space of training the hearing-impaired individuals, having trained more than a 1000 deaf youth across India, Kenya, Guatemala, Honduras, and Thailand.

Centum GROLaunch of the first center of Centum GRO

The first center was inaugurated by Dr. Madan M. Vasishta, former Chief Advisor to the Indian Sign Language Research and Training Centre, New Delhi and Sanjeev Duggal, CEO and MD, Centum Learning. Aarti Chandna, Vice President, Centum Foundation, Dr. Alim Chandani, Associate VP, Centum GRO and senior management from prospective employers such as Lemon Tree, Concentrix, etc. were also present on the occasion. Incidentally, Dr. Alim Chandani will head the first center located at Hauz Khas. Dr. Chandani has dedicated himself to working towards empowering deaf people for over a decade now.

Objectives of Centum GRO program and future plans

  • Training for pilot batch is already underway for nearly 40 students who are graduates from various streams.
  • Besides skills training to the deaf candidates, the program will also include ‘workplace sensitivity’ training sessions to potential employers to help companies assimilate people with disabilities more effectively at their workplaces.
  • As a next step, Centum GRO plans to develop and create the first entrepreneurial training program for the deaf community to nurture future entrepreneurs.
  • Besides providing much-needed leadership and management skills to deaf youth through this initiative, Centum Foundation will also facilitate jobs and encourage self-entrepreneurship.
  • The training, which will vary from one to three months, is being offered under four segments: Multimedia, Accounting, BPO/DEO, and IT. The minimum eligibility criterion is a Bachelor’s degree (B.A., BFA, B. Com, etc.).

Speaking at the launch, Sanjeev Duggal, CEO and MD, Centum Learning said, “Centum Learning has been working for over a decade creating a skilled and empowered India. With Centum GRO we will drive sustainable transformation for the hearing-impaired in the country. There are approximately 12 million deaf people in India, 80% of who have no access to any formal education. But for those who receive formal education, there is a lull after that. We are aiming to provide that last mile connect through soft skills training and entrepreneurship skills empowering young deaf adults. It is indeed a memorable day for us.”

At the launch, Dr. Madan M. Vasishta, said, “I feel honored to be a part of such a heartwarming initiative. Centum GRO is a remarkable effort of Centum Learning to train and empower the deaf. This initiative will not only help them to access jobs and entrepreneurship opportunities but will also boost their morale and confidence. This will also strengthen the social fabric of our society as a whole.”

Dr. Alim Chandani, AVP, Centum GRO, added, “I am delighted to be a part of Centum GRO. This initiative is a great stepping stone towards encouraging deaf youth in India to be innovative and self-reliant. Our long-term plan is to make them future entrepreneurs by providing them high-quality leadership, management and entrepreneurship skills training in a focused empowering environment which will collectively equip them to become ‘Changemakers’.

Highlights of Centum GRO program

  • Centum GRO’s proprietary training program is being designed and implemented by deaf experts from the United States.
  • The experts partnering with peers identified in India will share best practices in leadership and management skills and start-up enterprise management with participants of the program.
  • The training model has four components – Educating, Preparing, Training, and Sustaining – where visual aids and multimedia resources are used to enhance visual learning for participants.
  • The program is being funded by Bharti Airtel.

About Centum Learning: Centum Learning is a leading organization in the global skills development and vocational training landscape. An ISO 9001:2015 certified company, it’s mission is to improve business productivity and enhance youth employability. Centum Learning, with over 1400 learning and development specialists and their domain expertise in 21 industry verticals, has skilled more than 1.2 million people. It operates out of over 100 centres and close to 1000 schools in rural and urban locations across 17 countries including India, Nepal and 15 countries in Africa.


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