Certif-ID: Catalysing skill development and individual growth


Digitalisation is the process of using new technologies to enhance existing (manual) processes. It has led to the development of new business structures, smart products and much more. In parallel, digitalisation has also resulted in a huge skills gap, placing immense demand on both freshers and working professionals to learn the new skills required.

Here is where Certif-ID comes into play.

Powered by blockchain, Certif-ID provides educational institutions, graduates/experts and recruiters a platform to connect, collaborate and find new opportunities effectively.

In a recent interview Tim Miller Co-Founder, Certif-ID, shares with us some insights into Certif-ID’s mission, and how it can be the catalyst to bridge the gap between education and employment.

How did you come up with the idea for Certif-ID?

Certif-ID was created keeping in mind countries like India, which are developing at a breakneck pace, with a huge skill-void owing to a large number of opportunities and a lack of skilled professionals to capture them. Most students graduate with an MBA or an engineering degree, but unemployability is still a big concern in India. It is estimated that fewer than 5% of engineers are cut out for high-skill programming jobs, leaving recruiters in a state of flux – how will they gauge a candidate’s skill and who will they trust to do the job.

These issues got us thinking, and we asked ourselves – how can we lift the standards of skills and also give trust and transparency back to the educational landscape?

How will Certif-ID establish trust and raise standards of skill?

To bring transparency back to the educational sector, we had to address two factors:

  • Provide trustworthy proof of skill: The Certif-ID platform is built on blockchain technology which means that when a student or an expert complete a course with a certified institute, they are issued with a blockchain-enabled digital certificate that is directly issued into their profile (certificate wallet). The digital certificates carry an unalterable link with the graduate’s academic achievements and the corresponding credentials, thereby removing the possibility of counterfeiting or tampering with them.
  • Facilitating independent reviews of quality standards: An ideal solution to ensure that educational institutions meet a certain set of standards is conducting reviews or audits. Reviews conducted by independent third-parties will help us understand and improve the levels of the educational institutions and primarily, the competency and skill set of students that complete courses with these institutes.

certif-id_catalysing_skill_development_and_individual_growthWill Certif-ID help in increasing employment?

Certif-ID allows experts to create a digital profile, showcase their skills and digital credentials and improve their visibility. Experts on the platform can search and apply for jobs based on the skills they possess. Also, when they share their digital certificate with a potential recruiter, it can be verified instantly with just one click.

On the other hand, recruiters can be sure of hiring the right candidate (without the help of consultancies) as Certif-ID’s search feature sifts through expert profiles on the platform and matches their competencies (skills) against the job requirements available.

Overall, we have made the job search or recruitment process swift, transparent and straightforward.

certif-id_blockchainWhat are the driving ideologies behind Certif-ID?

Our endeavours are based on building an open and inclusive platform that harmonises educational standards and connects key stakeholders in the area of technical and professional skills – streamlining the entire education-recruitment process.

Besides providing a secure engagement platform through Blockchain technology, are there any other special features of Certif-ID?

Yes! We want to bring back the idea that an individual has a choice in a world full of undiscovered career options and unknown training institutes. We are working on bringing in a number of different services such as career path planning, partnered digital learning experiences and more.

Ultimately, we believe that an individual’s career should not be influenced by institutions and organisations backed by flashy marketing campaigns.

For more information, please write to tim.miller@certif-id.com.  Sign up and explore the power of Blockchain in certification. Click here https://certif-id.com/ to sign up!