NSN partners with CII for Global Skill Development Summit 2016


National Skills Network – NSN is happy to partner with CII Skills for bringing digital media presence to the upcoming 7th CII Global Summit on Skill Development 2016.

“Networking for globally transferable skills” will be the theme for The 7th Global Summit on Skill Development which will explore today’s most pressing issues on skill development in the presence of industry heads and leaders across nations, while bringing together their ideas, opinions and thoughts on the condition of skill development in the country.

The event begins with a vision and belief that the youth will surely benefit from inculcating global skill standards which will in turn give them global opportunities and acceptance in the global job market. Right skilling at the right time has the potential to transform the youth of the country and increase their learning and their knowledge intake along with their productivity and competitive spirit.cii-global-skill-development-summit-2016

CII Global Skill Development Summit 2016: Click here for registration details 

The two day summit will witness participation of a global audience comprising International delegations, Indian Industry, Central and State Government, Academia, Multi-lateral agencies and Think-tanks. Issues related to skill development will be discussed, debated and analysed in the presence of industry experts. This event is a great chance to decide and plan a skill development model for the country and with the co-operation of all the industries. Here are some of the key theme proposed for the event:

  • Re-emphasis on employment solutions as a core to global growth
  • Sector specific capability development
  • Recognition that a perception of employment issues is changing in the global market
  • Cross-border job creation and the evolution of a global employment support ecosystem- Employment issues are not just national or local
  • Technology as a key player in driving entrepreneurship and innovation, skills re-training and other employment solutions but also has a strong risk of employment disruption to mid and low skill jobs

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