Common Wealth of Learning (CoL) – Coursera Workforce Recovery Programme


The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted all walks of life. The lockdown has led to the loss of jobs and livelihoods due to various businesses closing down. At the same time, it has given an opportunity to reskill ourselves to gain employment in the same sector or otherwise.

Recognising the catastrophic effects of the pandemic on millions of people who have become unemployed, or are on the verge of losing their jobs, Coursera, one of the world’s leading e-Learning providers, has recently announced the Coursera Workforce Recovery Initiative as an immediate solution to these challenges.

COL has partnered with Coursera, to make a difference in the lives of thousands of people by providing quick access to reskill/upskill for regaining employment.

The citizens of Commonwealth Member States who are unemployed can utilize this opportunity to reskill by joining the  COL- Coursera Workforce Recovery Programme which is absolutely FREE and has unlimited access to 3800 courses in different subjects.

COL-Coursera coursesWho can join the program?

All unemployed citizens of the Commonwealth Member States can take advantage of this program. Since India is one of the Member States, the courses are a great opportunity to reskill or upskill, especially while exploring employment options during a layoff or a furlough.

How can you join?

Send an Expression of Interest by filling in the form below:

Expression of Interest:  Fill this form to express your interest in enrolling for a course.

Benefits of the program

All registered learners in the COL- Coursera Workforce Recovery Programme will gain unlimited and FREE access to 3,800 courses designed to skill and reskill citizens of The Commonwealth Member States for livelihoods.

Program leads include highly reputed professors and mentors from well recognised universities and institutions around the world. Find out more at:

The deadline to join this program is 30 September 2020. You can complete the enrolled courses till 31 December 2020 and get certified.

Hurry up! Upskill or reskill the skills that you already have!

For help and more information about enrolment, please contact:

Individuals can contact the help desk at, and our experts will respond within 24 hours.

Public institutions interested in participating in this program can visit the website of the International Partnership of Distance and Online Learning for more information:

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