Crisis management skills: Communication


Are you not able to express your ideas clearly in a team meeting? Or, are you afraid of what people might think if you speak or express yourself in any other way? Basic communication involves LSRW skills (Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing) and you can learn them through regular practice. 

Effective communication is what today’s high-speed world demands. The way you express yourself gives people ideas about your personality. Sharing your thoughts effectively helps you build better relations and make you successful in your career. 

Communication doesn’t just mean talking in English but more to do with expressing your ideas and views effectively in any language of your choice. To master the skill of communication you have to master the following four skills. 


To be able to communicate properly, first you need to understand the speaker’s perspective very clearly. You can do that by listening to the conversation attentively. While listening to a person don’t be judgmental. Keep an open mind. It will make the speaker comfortable and will lead to a better and effective communication. 


Verbal communication is very important. You should be able to speak your mind clearly and effectively. Be comfortable and confident while you are speaking. Improve your fluency by practicing. Before you start speaking, know who your audience is. It will help you choose the right words and context.  

Communication skillsReading

Reading will help you find something meaningful and build your knowledge. It is one of the most valued skills as it helps in improving other skills like speaking and writing. Daily, you can take out some time from your busy schedules and sit at a quiet place to read something. Make it a habit. Make reading a leisure activity and choose texts you know you’ll enjoy. Not only is leisure reading relaxing, it’s also great for taking your reading skills to the next level and improving your reading focus.


In today’s world, good writing skills are crucial and very useful. It is a difficult skill to master. However if you practice it daily then then you will be a better writer. When you write something, start writing with a proper mindset. Organize your thoughts and list down all the key points that you want to cover. Keep your readers perspective in mind. And it is very important for your writing to be error free. So review it after you write.

We all desire to communicate effectively. To become a good communicator, you need to master these much required skills. Practicing these above mentioned skills will help you become good at communication. 

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