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India is a country where there is a vibrant and living tradition of crafts. The wide geographical diversity of India can be seen in the craft work found across the nation. Craftsmen and communities use materials ranging from clay to bamboo, wood to metals and more. In this article complementing the video, we tried to mention some of the institutes that are promoting crafts, through craft-centric education through higher education and skills. These craft training institutes are providing short-term and long-term courses, Diploma, under-graduation and post-graduation courses in crafts.

Handicrafts in school curriculum

Acknowledging the importance of traditional Indian crafts and the skills that can be acquired the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has sought to integrate handicrafts in the school curriculum. Handicrafts is placed beside Artificial intelligence, Information Technology, etc., reemphasizing its importance. Some of the skills that can be learnt and developed from the crafts are societal skills, creativity, entrepreneurial skills among others.

Importance of craft education

Mahatma Gandhi’s has always emphasized on the importance of learning through handicrafts. He strongly advocated for learning while doing, work-integrated learning, respect for manual skills and self-reliance through sustainable livelihoods. Craft-centric education also promoted holistic development of a child, through development of physical, social and cognitive abilities. Craft-centric education recognizes and supports traditional crafts and also how to modernize these crafts to suit the current times.

Why do we need craft training institutes?

Craft training institutes through providing courses on crafts are indirectly preserving, practicing and promoting the traditional crafts. These institutes are not only encouraging the youth to take up and pursue the crafts education but are also supporting the local crafts and helping in the revival of the local economy. Craft training institutes are also playing a crucial role in promoting entrepreneurship and self-employment in crafts. Apart from these, these institutes also provide a platform for showcasing the talent of artisans and craftsmen.

Some of the craft-based courses offered in these institutes range from wood, ceramics, metal, plywood, bamboo, pottery, etc. They are revitalizing the crafts in India through higher education, connecting with skills, vocation and entrepreneurship.

Craft training institutes in India - higher education and skills

Here are some of the institutes with specialised courses on crafts

Institutes of craft development

  1. Mahatma Gandhi Institute for Rural Industrialization
  2. Indian Institute of Crafts & Design –
  3. State Institute for Development of Arts and Crafts (SIDAC – Odisha) –
  4. Craft Development Institute – Srinagar Kashmir –


  1. Cauvery Crafts from Karnataka –
  1. Institute of Wood Science and Technology –


  1. National Bamboo Mission –
  1. Bamboo Research and Training Centre –


  1. Indian Plywood Industries Research and Training Institute –

Ceramic and glass

  1. National Institute of Design- NID –

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Crafts play an important role right from the age group of toddlers, to children and to adults. They help in developing a number of skills along with personal, social and emotional development. Pursuing the crafts as a full-time enables one to have a self-sustaining livelihood along with contributing to the growth of local economy and thereby the nation. Institutes are promoting crafts are instrumental in bringing back the lost glory to most of these unique crafts from pan India.

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