Crisis management skills: Creativity


We are well aware that indulging in passive activities is not a good thing! This is because our ability to think is hampered when we are not actively engaging our brain. This often leads to  loss of creative abilities and coming up with  innovative ideas, etc. When I say creativity, I don’t mean painting, dance or music alone. You don’t have to be good at art to be creative. 

As a kid, every one of us is creative but only a few tend to develop it further. All of us were creative when we built sand castles. We were creative when we designed our own boats and kites. But do you know that creativity is one of the major employability skills today? Companies look to hire people who are creative in nature. But why do you think creativity is so important?

Now you know that everyday a new technology comes. People use newer software, newer tools and techniques to do their work. Almost all of our work is automated. The only way we humans can cope with these changes is by using our innate abilities like creativity, critical thinking, or by being empathetic. 

All of us can learn to be creative. Because creativity will help us find solutions to our everyday problems. So, what are the ways in which you can learn and develop the skill of creativity? 

CreativityBe Imaginative

If something can be made better, imagine the ways of doing it. Start by solving simple problems around you. See if technology can be used to come up with a better solution.

Ask a lot of questions

Keep asking questions and keep learning. Understand more about the topic, be curious, and listen to others. This will help you find patterns, understand the meaning and interpret certain information.

Be flexible yet original

You can always draw inspiration from others but dare to be unique. And do not stick to the idea even if you think it is the most amazing one. Be flexible. Be able to make changes or modify those ideas if needed. 

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Keep practicing these steps. Think of new ideas. Improve upon existing solutions. In a matter of months you will see a new version of yourself. But don’t forget to accept your failures on the way of becoming creative.

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