DDU-GKY opens up new vistas for manpower intensive Rubber Sector


The development of skills is one of the most critical issues faced by the Rubber sector, today. The sector is facing a demand – supply mismatch as the industry needs more skilled workforce than what is available currently. At the same time, there is a vast pool of youth especially in rural areas who are willing to get trained. Government of India believes that meeting the aspirations of the youth, coupled with economic growth, is central to the development agenda.

However, the formidable challenge is to equip youth with employable skills and to ensure there is no mismatch between demand and supply as far as the needs of the industry is concerned. To achieve this dream, the government has taken up skill development initiatives for the rural youth.

Author: Shewani Nagpal, Director – Affiliation and Training , Rubber Skill Development Council (RSDC)

A 2016 report by NITI Aayog, states that around 53 per cent of farmers live below the poverty line. Therefore, equipping rural youth with employable skills assumes all the more significance.

Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Grameen Kaushalya Yojana (DDU-GKY) is the placement-led skill training initiative of the Ministry of Rural Development (MoRD) that invests in training of a job-ready, skilled workforce, transforming poor rural Indian youth into skilled productive employees with a view to empower industry with the right manpower for success and growth.

DDU-GKY Rubber Sector

DDU-GKY is working hard to provide adequate skilled manpower, in industry relevant job roles, so that employers have access to a wide talent pool to hire from. DDU-GKY is also eager to partner with large employers who have their own credible training programs, by sharing training costs, leading to EBIDTA savings. This way, not only the industry will have a talent pool trained, but will also save on training and induction costs.

The industry can engage with DDU-GKY directly in three ways, as Champion Employers, as Captive Employers and through Industry Internships.

Champion Employers

Employers who can train and place 5,000 or more rural poor youth in 2 years are eligible to partner with DDU-GKY as ‘Champion Employers’. Subsequently, during the tenure of the MoU, they need to train and employ or place a minimum of 2,500 rural youth annually.

Captive Employers

Businesses who can employ 500 or more in their own organization or one of their subsidiaries and have suitable in-house training facilities, are eligible to partner with DDU-GKY as Captive Employers.

Both Champion Employers and Captive Employers need to convert or set-up co-branded Training Centres conforming to DDU-GKY Champion Employer norms. They need to submit Projects for consideration and approval/ sanction, Mobilize and train rural poor youth as per commitments, follow curricula as determined by NCVT or Sector Skill Councils (SSCs) for specific job roles, ensure third party assessments and offer OJT where possible/ needed, Find suitable employment opportunities (with the organization or outside) for at least 70% of all trained, with a minimum salary package of Rs. 6,000/- per month and Facilitate Career Progression for all placed individuals (within or outside the organization).

DDU-GKY sanctions a grant as per project norms, towards cost of training (with central and state shares as mandated in the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

Industrial Internships

A skilled labour intensive business which needs to add workforce to scale but does not have any training facilities can engage with DDU-GKY in the Industrial Internship mode. Herein, DDU-GKY ensures access and retention of candidates for a period of 12 months by providing financial support. RSDC urges Industry to employ the trained candidate , post completion of 12 months of Internship, as per the minimum wages of that state.

Author: Shewani Nagpal, Director – Affiliation and Training , Rubber Skill Development Council (RSDC)

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