Digital adoption and its impact on the skilled jobs of the future


We are living in what is now considered to be the fourth industrial revolution, i.e industry 4.0. And it is challenging our understanding of the physical and digital worlds. Technology is now providing insights that help businesses make critical decisions by harnessing the power of:
● Artificial Intelligence (AI)
● Internet of Things (IoT)
● Big Data
● Blockchain

How technology is disrupting hiring for skilled job roles

This shift is forcing recruiters to reconsider the roles and skills they need to hire for in the future. At the same time, professionals need to have knowledge of many new technologies. Recent research shows that:
● There are 97,000 vacant jobs in analytics
● AI will generate 2.3 million jobs by 2020
● Cloud Computing will create 1 million jobs by 2022

digital_adoption_and_its_impact_on_the_skilled_jobs_of_the_futureDigital Transformation is creating a high demand for qualified experts. This demand is not being met. For instance, 80% of India’s engineers do not possess the skills to succeed in the job market. Recently, a NASSCOM report stated: “India has about four million jobs. 60-65% of current employees will have to upskill within the next five years to stay relevant.”

Bridging the gap

Upskilling and reskilling will bridge the gap between education and employability. But training and education providers must improve to meet international standards of education.

But, there also is a lack of visibility on:
● New skills that professionals need to learn in their chosen fields
● Training institutions and the courses they offer
● How recruiters can search and verify candidates based on skills/competency

The solution

We need a platform connecting education institutions, professionals and recruiters. It needs to allow them to collaborate. This will bring visibility and transparency to the education and training sector. Experts can then make more informed decisions about who they learn with. And recruiters can make better decisions about who they hire.

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the_certif-id_platform_with_blockchainThe Certif-ID Platform

Built on blockchain, Certif-ID is a global networking platform that serves as a dedicated skills community and an incorruptible digital ledger of all educational credentials.

  • It presents educational institutes with industry insights, both in terms of skill and quality demands, to offer the most relevant courses to their students
  • Institutes can issue blockchain-powered digital certificates to graduates and alumni
  • Experts can showcase their academic and professional credentials in one place, the certificate wallet in their profile
  • Having secure access to their documents, candidates can easily view, share and reorder their degree/certificates online
  • Recruiters on the platform can search for candidates based on skill and competency and verify a candidate’s digital credentials with one click.

Certif-ID sets new standards of trust, transparency and efficiency. It empowers skilled professionals across the globe with equal opportunities.

So the tools, platforms and opportunities are available. The missing piece of the puzzle is an individual’s willingness to seize opportunities. Certif-ID is the platform that can help them take the first step towards a new beginning. And ensure that they are connected to reputed educational and professional institutes.

Sign-up and begin exploring Certif-ID. If you would like a demo or a meeting request, please write to us here.

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