Digital Certificates to Prove Skills and Capture Jobs of Industry 4.0


Today recruiters are looking for professionals with skills needed to do the job, but along with the skills they also want to see the evidence for the same. Issuing students with digital certificates will allow them to get ahead: proving their skills and achievements in a way employers can trust.

The problem: Can experts prove their skills to employers?

For many parts of life, we need to prove who we are.

For example, here are three scenarios:

Scenario 1: Alex walks into Starbucks, wanting to order some coffee. He is short on cash and decides to use his Starbucks Loyalty Card to redeem the points.

Scenario 2: While waiting in the queue, Alex remembers that he has to transfer a document from his iPhone to his iMac. But the issue is that his devices are not synced and he needs to remember his username and password to connect them.

Scenario 3: He arrives at his workplace and realises that he has forgotten his ID card and now has to apply for a temporary visitor’s badge.

Digital Certificates to Prove Skills and Capture Jobs of Industry 4.0What connects these three situations? IDs!

Identification cards are requisites for just about everything we do. There are all sorts of identification we need to provide daily:

  • Loyalty cards in stores
  • Usernames and passwords
  • Employee ID badges, passports, driving licences and more

But, when it comes to getting a job, most people are not able to prove, beyond doubt, that they have the skills they have worked so hard to learn and achieve.

Jobs in Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 is the term used to describe the technological advances that allow machines to be digitally connected, creating and sharing information – is presenting a particular challenge to recruiters.

Artificial intelligence, cloud computing and the internet of things are being adopted by organisations all over the world. And, employers need experts with a particular, niche set of skills.

How can they be confident they are speaking to and recruiting the right people?

The solution: Blockchain-powered digital certificates from Certif- ID

Helping educational institutions and organisations to present candidates with a proof-of-skill (skill ID) that can be verified, Certif-ID brings blockchain-powered digital certificates.

The certificates are verified using blockchain technology which allows digital information to be distributed, but not copied. It only has one owner. So, employers know that digital certificates presented from graduates are authentic. The records are public and verifiable. Trust is built-in by design.

A digital certificate or skills ID is unique. It showcases an expert’s skill and allows recruiters or third-party agencies to verify the credentials with one single click.

What’s more? Certif-ID’s blockchain-powered platform gives educational institutions the ability to effortlessly list courses, create batches and issue digital certificates to the graduates and alumni network.

Take advantage of Certif-ID to equip your graduates with new skills and a Skills ID. With a digital certificate, your graduates can effortlessly connect with potential recruiters in the desired tech sphere, prove their skills and secure a job.

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