5 Essential digital skills that enhance employability


Do you realize the importance of digital skills in the ever competitive job market? Digital skills play a very important role in today’s world. Be it any industry, digital skills have become indispensable with diverse opportunities for talented candidates. It’s not just basic coding skills but more than that.

As a student or a job seeker, you need to be employable with the right set of skills to grab your dream job. With the advancement of technology, there is a huge demand for people with employable skills. Be it creativity, communication or problem solving, employers need people who possess the 21st century skills. Hence, polishing your skills in social media branding, networking etc. is extremely important once you start your job search. Now, let us have a look at the 5 essential digital skills that will make you employable.

Online profile management

In an era of tweets, likes and shares it’s no wonder that people’s personalities are judged by their presence on social media platforms. Online brand management has become extremely important than ever before with millions of active users striving to build their profiles in various platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Quora etc. You need to invest your time to make a presence in social media channels. As an active user with lots of activities, you can build your image in an easy manner. This will be an added advantage when employers search social media platforms to analyze a candidate’s personality.

Digital skills enhance employabilityMS Office skills

With the advance in technology and work place processes, many skills have become integral to all job positions. Your MS Office skills are essential for you to complete your works easily. Mastering the art of making presentations and spreadsheets has become a core skill. To get an edge over others, it’s imperative that you excel in advanced versions of MS Office Suite.

Document Management

Digital world eases your tasks in many ways. However, there are some risks that come along with it. Document management is one of the most important skills that you need to develop. For example, with the use of Cloud software, you should be able to store all your data including photos, videos, audios etc in an accessible and orderly manner. This way you can prepare well for all the associated risks.

Social Media and Mobile savviness

Social media and mobile phones are transforming the way you live and even think. Today, it is not just posting an update, adding a picture or commenting something. All the platforms have changed drastically with the influence of marketers, consumers, brand builders and many other people. To adapt with this change, you need to think from all perspectives. Your skill to use various mobile apps and social media platforms should be enhanced with your ability to analyze the changes happening in this industry. You should be able to understand the way each platform work and think strategically.

   Image and Video editing

As mentioned above, social media platforms are driving companies to build their brands through various ways. Companies strive hard to build their presence through various creative marketing strategies. Today, employers look for candidates who are able to offer creative and innovative solutions. Online marketing strategies are aided by attractive videos and info graphics to influence target population. Therefore, image and video editing skills is one of the core skills that you should focus to become employable.

21st century jobs require smart, social-savvy candidates who are creative and innovative. As companies strive hard to beat their competitors, what makes them strong is their efficient workforce. Digital skills have become essential in all jobs with disruptive technologies. To build a career of your choice, you need to be updated with these technologies and develop you digital skills.

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