Empower Pragati : Vocational Training in Schools


Empower Pragati conducts vocational training programs in various schools. Here are some stories from students who have undergone various vocational courses.

Bhawana_Empower Pragati vocational studentBhawna Shishodia is a very talented girl from Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh who is extremely motivated to change the fate of her life and fulfill her dream. She is a daughter of employee in a private company and two siblings. His father left his village so that he could live in Delhi and get his children good higher education. Her parents faced many financial difficulties and struggles to provide right education to their children.

She was introduced to a new curriculum by NSQF (National Skill Qualification Framework), when she joined Govt. Girls Sr. Sec. School, Ashok Nagar. Under this she took up Information Technology as her choice of subject. This course is run by Empower Pragati in her school. She is keen to learn and become the best at whatever she does. She is a quick-learner and brings her knowledge to practice. Now she has started making new websites and is learning computer programming. She tries to distribute knowledge among the students through presentations by which her confidence increases. Now she knows coding very well and to create new thing. She discovers new ideas.

Empower Pragati _ Vocational Training in Schools


Ashish_ Empower Pragati Vocational StudentHarsh Lagyan is a student of a government school in Delhi who was introduced to Vocational subjects and courses when he was in 9th standard in 2015. He shares with us that back then he had no awareness of just a course which would help them getting a job after completion of their schooling. He told us that his father is an engineer by qualification but struggles to work due to his ill health.

Harsh enrolled himself in Information Technology course and says he has a learnt a lot in the three years. He says “nowadays Youtube and Youtubers are getting famous in India too. I also started a channel of my own where I upload videos of various kinds – on technology. I am getting quick response & views from the people.” He feels that such opportunity to do something that interests him while having the opportunity to earn money can make his and his family’s life better”.

Khushboo_ Empower Pragati vocational student“I am Khushboo a student of SV Wazirpur. I am studying in 12th class & I am happy to have NSQF subject as vocational subject from 9th. It has given me wings to fly in this huge world. I am single parent child and my mother is a house maid. It feels bad when I see my mother doing all these things for our basic needs. But due to this new project of Delhi govt now I feel confident. I have the directions for my life. After my 12th I will be able to earn so my mother will not have to do all these work for us. Special thanks to Empower Pragati and my vocational teacher for shaping this sculpture.”

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