Success Stories of Skilled Women from Empower Pragati


Shivani Yadav, Sbarro

EMP_TE_SHIVANIShivani Yadav lives in Mehrauli in a family of six members. It had been quite some time since she had been trying her hand at interviews but was unsuccessful each time. She desperately needed a job because the financial conditions of her family were not good and these repeated failures had begun to demoralize her. Her father is an auto driver and does not earn enough to manage the household expenses. She felt completely helpless when it came to helping him and was always looking out for work opportunities.

She got to know about Empower Pragati’s ‘Saksham’ training centre in Mehrauli through the centre’s mobilization activities and decided to enroll. When she had joined, she was very low on self esteem and her soft skills were extremely weak. So many rejections had also taken a toll on her self-worth and this was clearly evident. She was encouraged to join the training programme during the pre-training counseling sessions and made to believe that she had immense capabilities.

She completed the two month long training programme successfully and one of the first candidates to obtain a job during the placement drive. She joined Sbarro and continues to work there today. She is now contributing to the monthly expenses of her family and has also received many accolades from her employers. She has already been awarded Sbarro’s Employee of the Month twice in the one year that she has spent there.

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