Success Stories of Skilled Women from Empower Pragati


Yogita, Completed Training

EMP_TE_YOGITAYogita is 19 years old and lives in Delhi with her parents and two brothers. Her father works in a factory and her mother is a domestic help. Her father does not know that her mother works because if he finds out that she is earning he will take away her money and spend it on alcohol. He is a rampant alcoholic who does not contribute to the household’s earnings or savings. His wife fears that he may begin to take away her hard earned money too and this is why she keeps her work a secret from him. To add to the family’s misery, her elder brother too works in a shop but does not contribute toward the household expenses.

Therefore, for a very long time it was Yogita’s mother who had been the primary source of sustenance for her family. Yogita had studied up to Class 12 and had wanted to study further but could not do so as she could not take any more money from her family.

One day, Yogita heard an auto announcement informing the community about Empower Pragati’s ‘Saksham’ training programme and so came to the centre to enquire more about it. Upon learning more about the course, she wasted no time and enrolled immediately. She was a regular student and a dedicated one too. Her communication skills began to improve at a steady pace and soon her confidence began to boost itself up too.

After completing her training, Yogita appeared in five interviews unsuccessfully and was soon beginning to get demoralized. Many of her classmates had already been selected and she was becoming increasingly disappointed with herself. However, she did not give up. She continued coming to the centre and kept asking the trainers for their feedback regarding her interview performances and worked harder for every next interview. Finally, she got a job through which she is now pursuing her higher education. She also helps her mother with the household expenses. She says, “I am really thankful to Saksham and the faculty for giving me so many chances in spite of my failures”.

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