Success Stories of Skilled Women from Empower Pragati


Manisha Meena, Reliance Fresh

EMP_TE_MANISHAManisha originally belongs to Rajasthan but now lives at Pulpehladpur in Delhi with her uncle. She is the eldest among her siblings and has four younger sisters and one younger brother. Her father works as farmer in Rajasthan and her mother was a house wife. Her family’s annual income was about forty thousand to fifty thousand and with such a large household, it made survival difficult.

Manisha had first come to Delhi in 2012 for her mother’s cancer treatments. While the treatment went on she had decided to look for a job so as to help in dealing with the daily expenses. She looked long and hard but found it extremely difficult to find a suitable job for herself in a new city. This is when she heard about Empower Pragati’s ‘Saksham’ training centre in Badarpur and decided to join.

When she had first joined, she had no clue about what career path to follow. All that she had in mind was to get a job soon so that she could care for her mother. She was a hesitant girl and had poor communication skills. Since her mother tongue varied greatly with that of Delhi, she found it very difficult to communicate with her classmates and was unable to participate in the classroom activities. Added to this was the constant worry and pressure of taking care of her mother. She would attend classes and rush back to her mother’s side and yet never missed a single day of the two month long training programme. The trainer at Badarpur noticed a slow but steady change in Manisha over the course of the first few weeks itself. As she began mingling with her classmates, her confidence levels built up. She was a very hardworking girl and took it upon herself to learn the language and mannerisms of Delhi.

After completing the course she gave her first interview at Strategic Manpower Solution Limited and was selected to work at the Reliance Fresh (Tara Apartments outlet) for a 4G process. She had joined at a CTC salary of Rupees 10,857 and worked there from September 2015 to June 2016. Unfortunately, her mother passed away during this time and Manisha was left devastated. She was hugely affected by this but also knew that being the eldest among her siblings she had to look after her family. She continued doing her job and also began looking for government jobs. She began filling up many forms and was finally successful in getting a job at an MCD dispensary. Today she earns Rupees 21,105 and takes good care of her family. Manisha is now married but still supports her maiden family. Her in-laws are extremely supportive and are proud of their daughter in-law.

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