Success Stories of Skilled Women from Empower Pragati


Puja Kumari, Reliance Trends

EMP_TE_PUJAPooja belongs to a village in Samastipur where she lives with her parents and three siblings. Her father is a poor farmer and also the primary breadwinner in the family. For the most part of his life he has tilled the land to earn his daily bread and even then the family lives in abject poverty.

Pooja, despite being a bright girl was unable to continue her studies after the 10th standard. She had to quit studies so as to begin helping her father in the fields as she felt desperate to contribute to the family earnings.

This is when she found out about Empower Pragati’s vocational training centre in Samastipur through an advertisement. She found out the address for the centre and came for an enquiry. She was informed about the courses on offer and decided to join the Retail- Trainee Associate course. During her tenure at the centre her regularity and zeal towards the class was commendable. She attended an on job training (OJT) at Reliance Trends and did a splendid job there. Her brief stint was liked by the staff at reliance Trends so much that they offered her a job soon after the OJT.  During the interview, she was very scared as she was worried about her communication skills but she did manage to clear it. She is working as a Sales Girl at Reliance Trends with a salary of Rs 8,500 per month.

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