Fronius India webinar: Indian Robotic Welding Industry – The way ahead


The current COVID-19 situation has given way to many speculations on how the dynamics of the Indian economy will be performing along with the hit taken by the manufacturing industries due to the unprecedented shutdowns. Starting from the labourers to the distribution network, everything has undergone a disruption.

To address this dynamic situation, Fronius India decided to create a platform wherein the “minds that move the market” speak about how they had handled the pandemic situation, along with how they were able to visualise the changes in the current economic scenario.

Fronius India webinar: Indian Robotic Welding Industry – The way ahead

This also brings us to the upcoming industry webinar that Fronius India has planned for “Indian Robotic Welding Industry – The Way Ahead” on Friday 26th June 2020. The panel members for this conclave are the category leaders like Subrata Karmakar, President – Head of Robotics and Discrete Automation Business, India ABB India Ltd.; Vikas Swami, Vice President Automotive Business (APAC w/o CN), Kuka Robotics (India) Pvt Ltd. Pune; Mr. Mahendra Patil, National Head – Robots and System Engineering, FANUC India Pvt. Ltd.; Ajay Gopalswamy, CEO, DIFACTO Robotics, and Automation Pvt. Ltd.; P. Rajagopalan Managing Director, Primo Automation Systems Pvt. Ltd. This conclave will be moderated by Mr. V V Kamath, Managing Director, Fronius India Private Limited, Pune.

To be part of this exciting conclave please click on the link to register.

Indian Robotic Welding Industry- Way AheadCEO Conclave: Fronius India organised a meeting of great minds to understand the COVID-19 scenario

Fronius India proposed to organise a webinar with the who’s and who of the welding industry. This idea gave birth to the “CEO CONCLAVE”. The panelists included Mr. Sundarram Srinivasan, Managing Director (South Asia) The Lincoln Electric Company; Mr. S. M. Bhat, Managing Director, Ador Welding Limited, and Mr. Rohit Gambhir, Managing Director, Esab India Limited. This discussion was moderated by Mr. V. V. Kamath, Managing Director, Fronius India.

The online conclave was organised on Friday 5th June 2020 in the afternoon. The webinar had interesting topics covered from Industry to economic development. There were total 600 + participants who attended the program.

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Academicians Conclave: Fronius India organised meeting of great minds to understand the COVID-19 scenario

On our success of the former Initiative, Fronius India decided to address one more teething concern – the Academics. Further, the “Academicians Conclave 2020” idea was initiated. For this conclave stalwarts like Dr. R K Agarwal, Director General, Ajay Kumar Garg Engineering College, Ghaziabad; Mr. Sanjib Kumar Rout, Founder President, CV Raman Global University, Bhubaneshwar; Dr. R.D. Patidar, Vice-Chancellor, O.P. Jindal University, Raigarh, Chhattisgarh; Dr. Niranjan Chiplunkar, Principal, NMAM Institute of Technology, NITTE, Karnataka and Dr. Murugaiyan Amirthalingam, Head Joining and Additive Manufacturing, Indian Institute of Technology Chennai were the Panellists. The moderator for this meeting was Mr. V V Kamath, Managing Director, Fronius India Private Limited.

This “Academicians Conclave 2020” focused mainly on the current measures taken by the institutes and the way students’ community is evolving with the time and responding to the current measures of learning. This conclave also helped the attendees to understand how the education sector is gearing up for the change. There were a total of 550 + participants who attended the program.

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