Future Skills and Jobs: 5 promising careers in the field of Robotics with top 10 mandatory skills to master


Remember Sophia, the social humanoid robot. She is fascinating to watch. Isn’t she? How she talks and answers questions is remarkable.  Once she had said that her goal is to work alongside humans. While it is good to see the enthusiastic robot talking about working together, you must have some lead? How you can achieve that.

With all the new age technologies, the industry is changing at a rapid pace. The government is also taking initiatives by providing industry-relevant skill development initiatives through Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikash Yojana (PMKVY). Government is focusing on skilling the youth in the new age technologies, which will ensure their employability after the skill training. As employability is our main focus we can’t overlook the vast career options that are emerging in Robotics.

Future Skills and Jobs_ 5 promising careers in the field of RoboticsWith the skill development as your focus, you should have a clear idea of what career paths are available for you to choose from and what are the relevant skills to master.

Let’s look at the top 10 skills that you must master to have sustainable future growth in Robotics.

  • Complex problem solving
  • Judgment and decision making
  • Good communication
  • People management
  • Creativity
  • System thinking
  • Programming mindset
  • Mathematics
  • Science or other applied mathematics
  • Technology design

As you can see, from the above- mentioned skills, some skills are technical and some are soft skills. To master these skills you need to undergo skill-based trainings. Skilling yourselves in these mandatory skills will ensure that you are prepared for the jobs that are emerging in Robotics.

Let’s learn more about 5 promising career options that you can consider with the newly acquired skills.

Robotic Technician

As a Robotic technician, you will be a part of a team who produces robots. There are many options to choose from. You can assist manufacturing, mechanical, or electronic engineers in all phases of design, development, production, testing, and operations. With a high school education, a 2-year associate degree in Robotics technology is needed to pursue this career. Many colleges are providing diplomas, which you can opt for after high school. As the job of a technician is really important, you will be needing skill development training in order to perform well on the field. For the improvement of their employees, companies usually encourage them to take additional skill training. If you will also have the complex problem solving, good communication, system thinking, and programming mindset then you can have a successful career as a robotics technician.

Robotics Engineer

To pursue a career as a Robotics Engineer you will be needing a bachelor’s degree in robotics engineering. Many reputed institutes like IITs, Hindustan Institute of technology and science, and Bharat University are providing these degree courses. The duration of the course is 4 years. The course will help you build your practical knowledge which is great for skill-building. You can choose in which sector you want to work from manufacturing, maintenance, research of power plants or any other. If you will choose to pursue your masters then you can seek job opportunities in ISRO and in industries which manufacture microchips.

Robot Operators

When robots will come to the workplace, there has to been someone who will operate them. This is going to be an interesting career for you if you like to operate things or sometimes repair them. As a Robot Operator, you have to keep monitoring the robot 24 hours and report the slightest change to the developer. Sometime, you have to do the minor repairing work too. Mechanical background in your studies will help you in the long run. From the above mentioned future skills almost everything especially mathematics, science and applied mathematics, judgment and decision making will be required to pursue this career.

Sales Engineer

When robots are manufactured, then someone has to sell them in a smart way. That’s when your role as a Sales Engineer begins. All the above mentioned future skills are a must to learn. Whether, it’s good communication or problem solving or even technology design, skill development in every area is needed. With all the skills, a bachelor’s degree in engineering or related field will also be required. However, the person who doesn’t have a bachelor’s degree but with previous sales experience as well as technical experience or training may become a sales engineer. Aspirants who have a degree in a science, such as chemistry, or in business with little or no previous sales experience, also may become sales engineers.

Robotics Account Manager

As a Robotics Account Manager, your job will be to manage the relationship with the client of the accounts you are assigned to. You will act as the interface between the customer service and the sales team in a company. You are going to need a bachelor’s degree in advertising, communications, or public relations can help you prepare for a career as an account manager, especially if you’re interested in working in advertising or public relations. A major in business or marketing could also work to pursue this career. As you know, formal degree alone will not be enough. Acquiring the right skills is equally important. As an Account Manager, you must have a certain skill set like good communication, judgment and decision making, complex problem solving and people management.

With these career options, you can pick up whatever suits you the best keeping in mind the right skills. By acquiring the mandatory skills, the dream of working alongside robots will become a reality.

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