Future Skills and Jobs: 5 rewarding careers in Blockchain with a list of 10 top skills


We are sure you’ve heard about bitcoins! While it created some controversy in India, the technology behind it is highly appreciated. The amazing technology that has been in the news, because of its usefulness is called Blockchain. Blockchain is way more than just crypto-currencies. The security and transparency that Blockchain provides are irreplaceable. Industries are adapting it for its efficiency and transparency.

A learning initiative SWAYAM, backed by the Indian Ministry of Human Resource Development is offering a computer science course on Bitcoin, crypto-currencies and Blockchain technology. The learning initiatives and skill training from the government of India is making sure that you have proper skills for the careers that these new-age technologies are offering.

Skilling is important for any industry to let us quickly look at the top 10 skills that you need to master for a career in Blockchain.

  • Business knowledge
  • Clear knowledge in cryptography
  • Staying updated
  • Know standards and ecosystem
  • Distributed ledger expertise
  • Continuous learning
  • Platform and Domain knowledge
  • Understand Blockchain security
  • Learn to simplify
  • Drive Blockchain architecture pattern

All the skills, both technical and non-technical are important to pursue any career in Blockchain. Skilling yourself in these mandatory skills by undergoing skill training can help you for a sustainable career in Blockchain.

Future Skills and Jobs_ 5 Rewarding careers in Blockchain with a list of 10 top skillsFuture Skills and Jobs: 5 rewarding careers in Blockchain with a guide to the top skills that need to be mastered 

With the emerging demand of Blockchain, let’s see 5 rewarding careers that you can choose from.


You are going to need a bachelor’s degree in computer science to pursue a career as a Blockchain developer. Skill training with Blockchain-related certification is going to help you in the long run. There are certification courses both online and off-line. In online courses, NASSCOM has an initiative called FutureSkills where you can get a number of options in the course. The industry-relevant skills that are required are platform and domain knowledge, cryptographic knowledge and programming. There are two types of roles in this career.

Testing Engineer

As a Blockchain Test Engineer, you will test the environment and detect any defect. For this, you need a complete domain and environment knowledge with a problem-solving skill. For this, you will need a bachelor’s degree in computer science or any relevant streams. A certification course in testing will make sure that your skills are updated and you are industry-ready. You can choose from online as well as offline certification course providers as per your convenience. Online course providers include the initiative of NASSCOM which is called as FutureSkills. It includes a detailed course description and relevant content as well as the necessary requirements for this job role.

Project Manager

As a project manager, you will be in charge of communicating with all participants to define requirements, scope, budget, deadlines, and deliverables that the Blockchain will identify, verify and validate as transactions. You will require a bachelor’s degree in management, business or a related field. You can also go for a master’s. For this, the relevant skills include business knowledge, domain expertise, and communication skills. You can take up soft skill classes which will help you to improve your communication skills to ensure that you are relevantly skilled for this job role.

Web Designer

As a web designer, you will be responsible for the architect design, layout, and coding of the website. As you are going to be involved in technical and graphical aspects of a website, you must have skills of domain and platform knowledge, Blockchain architecture, problem-solving and programming skills. There are 3 options for you to choose from when it comes to the relevant qualification. Either you can go for a bachelor’s degree in Animation and Web Designing or a diploma in graphics, animation or web designing. You can also go for a certification course in web or graphic designing which is available both online and offline. These courses will ensure you are industry-ready.

Legal Consultant

You will be responsible for the legal matters and will provide the company with the required legal advice as a legal consultant. You must have complete updated knowledge about the law. You must have good communication skills and some knowledge about the domain and platform. To become a legal consultant you need a bachelor’s degree before entering the law school. After passing from the law school you need some additional special training and will have to pass the state law exam and then build your experience as most clients prefer at least 3 years of experience in legal matters.

In this demand-driven ecosystem, all the above mentioned relevant skills will make you industry-ready. With all the industry-relevant skills, You can choose from these rewarding careers as per your interest and convenience.

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