Team members from GE Healthcare share their messages on Independence Day 2018


As we all are gearing up to celebrate India’s 72nd Independence Day, we launched a campaign to convey the importance of  independence and freedom through skills, knowledge and continuous learning. As a response to the campaign, here we share messages from G E Healthcare . Read on to see what they say.

Members from GE Healthcare talk about independence, freedom and empowerment through skills, knowledge and continuous learning

Sangam Agrahi GEHealthGood Health is central to human happiness and to a nation’s economic progress. I am happy that I am getting skilled in healthcare profession and this way I will be able to contribute to my and  Nation’s progress.”
Sangam Agrahi, Student Radiology Technician course, GE -Healthcare Institute


GE Healthcare IDay

Sonu Raina GEHealth“Our people need inspiration to think differently and have courage to think about economic independence. Skilling the youth of our country is the nation’s development mantra which will allow the youth to find the real meaning of independence.” Sonu Raina, Senior Operations Manager, GE Healthcare


Vivek S Parmar GEHealth“I am getting skilled to become independent myself and help my family’s financial status to improve. People like me will get employed and respect in society”  Vivek S Parmar, X-Ray Technician, GE Healthcare institute Mumbai


Harshada Vilas Sonawane“Independence for me is the right to take decision about my own future. I have joined a skilling course and I feel If I become successful I will be able to motivate many girls like me.” Harshada Vilas Sonawane, X Ray Technician, GE Healthcare Institute Mumbai

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