Global presence of Made in India Skillveri simulators


Industries across the world are increasingly modernising their production techniques and shop floors. Increasing modernisation requires highly skilled manpower to be able to carry on the tasks. However, the workforce required to handle such modernised technology is still trained largely using conventional methodologies that do not keep pace with the needs of the industries.

Skillveri has expanded its global presence with both its welding simulator and spray-painting simulators being used in the global markets. Catering to a global audience ensures that the product features and quality improves to international standards. And thereby sharing the best practices from both sides.

Made in India Skillveri simulatorsAdoption of advanced Simulators for training is still in its nascent stages in countries like India, but it has gained acceptance as a popular training method among industries in markets like Europe and North America.

Conventional methods of training contain more of theory and less of hands-on training, which might lead to faults or defects on the actual job. This will not only cause the loss of resources but also precious time and effort that goes into the activity. Not having received a sufficient amount of hands-on practice, combined with an inability to correlate defects with skills, are the primary causes of the existing skill gap in the welding and painting industry.

Simulators fill in the skill gaps of conventional methods of training and make the training scalable, intuitive, faster, customisable, and cost-effective.

Global presence of Skillveri’s Simulators

As a company, we have always believed in Make in India and are proud, to say that our simulators are completely designed and made in India. And today, we are delighted to be able to make our product internationally acknowledged. “Make in India” is an initiative by the honourable Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, which was launched to inspire Indians, recognise India’s capabilities, to enhance the growth of the entrepreneurial mindset among Indian youth, and citizens at large. One of our happiest moments was when PM Narendra Modi himself tried out our simulator during his visit to IIT Madras in 2019.

Skillveri made its debut in the Middle East as early as 2015. Today, it has a presence in many European countries like Germany, Poland, the UK among others.  Skillveri’s simulators are finding interest in the growing markets of South East Asia too.

Stefan Trepke, CEO, Airless Discounter, Berlin, Germany“The opportunity it offers to train and spray more, at the same time, to have access to infinite workpieces without worrying about costs of disposal, no need for a spray booth and respiratory protection plus the depth of analysis and evaluation far beyond the human eye – I realised right away, we had to have one for our Airless Discounter Academy.” –  Stefan Trepke, CEO,  Airless Discounter, Berlin, Germany

In addition to Indian languages support in the software, the users of Skillveri simulators can now interact with the product in foreign languages like German, Polish, French, and Spanish. The spray-painting simulator, Chroma, has been used to train decorative painters in Germany and Poland. Skillveri’s partners in these countries are steadily finding users in other European markets. Skillveri’s welding and spray-painting simulators are both being used in training for automotive repair in Canada.

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Skillveri’s simulators were highly appreciated and received well in some of the major international events like the Brno International Engineering Fair 2019 in the Czech Republic and the BUDMA Construction and Architecture Fair 2020 in Poland.

Guest Author: Sabarinath C Nair, Founder – CEO, Skillveri Training Solutions Pvt Ltd.

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