Global Skills Summit 2016 Gujarat


The Global Skills Summit 2016 is scheduled to be held on 17th December 2016 in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. On this occasion, we caught up with event organizer, Sanjay Vanani, Founder, Navjivan Center for Development to tell us more about the conference, its theme and what participants can expect from it. 

inverted-commaAs per the published data only 4% of the country’s population is skilled compared to 68% in the UK, 75% in Germany, 58% in the USA, 80% in Japan and enviable 96% in South Korea. Looking this data we have huge opportunity to skill our people. I would say that if we want to encash the demographic dividend, we have to provide skills to our all citizens. We wish to contribute to achieve the agenda for India becoming the “Skill Capital of World”.

Global Skills Summit 2016 Gujarat

Aspirant participants can expect the following from Global Skills Summit 2016.

  • Practical aspects of skill development sector
  • In-depth knowledge about various policy frameworks in skill development initiatives
  • Details about funding patterns in this sector
  • Understand global opportunity in skill development and vocational education
  • Networking with skill development professionals
  • Opportunities for collaboration and partnership
  • To get chance to interact with renowned speakers
  • To learn about academic framework, scope in line with the skill development field

We invite participants from the following sectors

  • Large corporate/Public Sector Undertakings
  • Universities, colleges and educational institutes
  • Small and Medium Enterprises
  • Skill Consultancy Providers
  • Training Partners (TPs)
  • NGOs,/ Charitable Trust/ Registered Society
  • Training Institutes/Centres (ITIs/ITCs)
  • International NGOs and Think Tank Groups

Objectives of the summit

We wish to facilitate engagement with the four major stakeholders in the evolving skill development ecosytem in India:

Educational Institute/UniversityAlign your teaching with Industrial requirements

Establish separate “Centre For Excellence” through CSR Support/Government Support

Understand future of “Vocational Education” and its framework.

NGOs/Philanthropic InstituteGet engaged with skill development sector
GovernmentSeek inputs for policy level feedback and policy implementation
IndustriesSupport skill through CSR, het skilled manpower to grow your business.


  • Scope in Skills
  • Partnership for Skills
  • Academic Framework
  • Certification and Accreditation
  • Funding for Skills
  • Future of Skills (Preparing Roadmap)

Features of the event       

Conference, Networking, Skill Expo-2016 (You have seen education expo everywhere. We bring expo for skill with aim to social recognition wide publicity of skill domain) We have invited eminent speakers from the Government, Industries and Skill Training Company to justify the event Topic.

Expected outcomes

If you areYou learn in the GSS-2016
Not from the skill development fieldYou will get an idea about how to enter in this field and contribute
In the skill development fieldYou can upgrade your vision and ways to contribute
Experienced in skill development fieldYou can expand your business and grow your partner network
Innovators in skill development fieldYou will be able to find your partners who will value your innovation.
A skill entrepreneur / start upYou can choose “Skill” as your business and established your social enterprise.
A donorYou could donate for skill development. Because this is the permanent solution for poverty and many other social problem.
An investorYou could invest in skill development because it has good social return on investment.
A studentUnderstand the value of skills. Skilled people never jobless!


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