Global Skills Summit 2018: September 15, 2018, New Delhi


Federation of Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) is organizing the Global Skills Summit 2018 on 15th September 2018 in Delhi. The theme of the 11th edition of the Global Skills Summit (GSS) is Future Skills, Jobs and Demography. 

The world is seeing huge structural changes in the labour market which requires new skill-sets. India also, in this globalized era, is facing these challenges and is in the process of transformation. The quality and quantity of jobs will be significantly affected by the increased digitalization and automation that is happening everywhere. Traditional patterns of work and sources of livelihood are being replaced by new types of jobs and employment and changing the nature and conditions of work thereby altering skills requirements too.

The Summit will take a deeper look at future steps in skilling, changing demand in the job market, existing employment opportunities in India and gainful employment for migrant workers.

A very impressive panel will be covering these main sessions

  1. Future Skills and Jobs
  2. Reskilling and Upskilling for Gainful Migration (Domestic & International)
  3. Mainstreaming Apprenticeship

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Global Skills Summit 2018Who all will benefit from the sessions

  • Large Corporate Houses and Public Sector Undertakings
  • Small and Medium Enterprises
  • Government Officials
  • State Skill Missions, Sector Skill Councils,
  • NGOs, INGOs and Think Tank Groups
  • Multi-lateral and Bilateral Agencies
  • Universities and Higher Education Institutions
  • Training Partners (TPs) and Industrial
  • Training Institutes/Centres (ITIs/ITCs)
  • International Counterparts
  • Skill Consultancy Providers

Why should you attend

  • Invigorating deliberations on skill development policy framework for new age skills
  • Showcasing global and national innovations, best practices and lessons learnt
  • Platform for national and international collaborations and partnerships
  • Platform for networking and interactions with leaders from industry and government

Key questions that will be addressed.

  1. As India’s labour market shifts, isn’t it time to focus on improved quality of work and engage workforce in gainful employment?
  2. Is India preparing itself to meet the global demands of skilled workforce?
  3. Are we neglecting the Indian Traditional Businesses, which potentially can reinforce the employment opportunities?
  4. Where are the Jobs in India, which kind of jobs would emerge and which skill-sets would be in demand? Shouldn’t we create a robust migration mechanism now for productive and gainful domestic and international migration?
  5. How can apprenticeship act as an enabler – both for employees and employers?

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