How Data Science is being leveraged in the game of Cricket


Data Science has been increasingly adopted across industries for better and informed decision making. Sports industry is no exception. Being one of the widely popular sports, Cricket is leveraging the benefits of Data Science and Analytics and is a perfect example to study the technology intervention in the sports industry. In fact, early this year, the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) had announced the setting up of a new Data Analytics wing to revamp Cricket in India.

The game of Cricket has always embraced technology at all levels which has enhanced the digital impact, opening up new avenues. Even before  the start of the 13th edition of IPL, assumptions regarding the winning team had already begun. While it is difficult to predict with accuracy which team is on the winning side, Data Science can play a crucial role in deriving meaningful insights related to the top contenders for the 2020 IPL trophy.

Data Science is not only helpful for predicting the most favorable team for the tournaments but also helps generate valuable insights for other aspects.  What is the role that Data Science plays in this sport? Let’s look at how it can positively impact both performance and prediction and what are the career opportunities in this area.

The role of Data Science in Cricket

Data Science plays an important role in many aspects of cricket such as,

  • Team management and leadership
  • Performance improvement and preparation
  • Insightful prediction of results
  • Connect with enthusiasts and fans

Team management and leadership

Like any other team game, in Cricket too, it matters a lot to understand the dynamics of how each player performs during the match, particular unique strengths that can be leveraged against a team and so on. By analyzing the data about the players’ performances and drawing insights the captain can decide on the batting and bowling order. This will help in bringing in scientific approach to get the best out of the team and demonstrate well-informed leadership on and off the ground.

Performance improvement and preparation

Since every player’s performance can be studied to analyze their strengths, weaknesses and unique attributes, there is huge scope for trainers and coaches to make use of the insights in improving the outcomes. Through strategic application of Data Science they can strive for consistent performance by preparing for various challenges with different teams in varied circumstances. 

Data Science is being leveraged in the game of CricketInsightful prediction of results

As an audience, the question of which team is going to win keeps us on the edge throughout a match. With the use of Data Science, it is not just guess work anymore! The same engages several others who are connected with the game – the organizers, authorities, players, media and the entire nation for whom the game is nothing less than a religion. 

Connect with enthusiasts and fans

With billions of enthusiasts and fans, Cricket has huge potential to connect with them in innovative ways. Data about their favourite players will definitely excite the fans and they will keep asking for more. Many serious enthusiasts look for informed insights to learn more about how the game is being played under different circumstances and locations. Besides this, the insights thrown by data also opens up new avenues and innovative options to sponsor the game and connect with the admirers.

Cricket is adapting to deeptech really fast – you should too, for a successful career

There is a huge demand for skilled Data Science professionals who can use the statistical tools effectively to get meaningful insights from the humongous data available. Cricket has been revolutionized with the intervention of data analytics over the past two years. Wearable techs and other innovations are taking the game to the next level. 

Many companies are coming forward and investing in advanced data science tools to strengthen their insights related to sports. Insights by ESPNCricInfo and ScoreWithData by IBM are some good examples of companies investing in Data Science. With many startups coming up in India, Data Science in cricket is also contributing to entrepreneurship.

If you are someone who is passionate about cricket and loves analyzing the data, you can start learning Data Science and aspire to build a career in it as there is vast opportunity for skilled professionals. If you wish to build a career they could take Data Science certification courses which are widely available both online and offline. While selecting the course, you should keep in mind that the course curriculum should be aligned to the industry needs and it should help you develop the skills required to land a job in the field of Data Science. 

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Data Science is being widely used by sports authorities, cricketers ,cricket enthusiasts and fans to make the most out of their favourite sport. With so much data to handle, the sports industry is in need of skilled Data Science professionals. Building the right competencies and the required skills will provide you with great opportunities. 

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