How Fronius India is fighting through the lockdown


The whole world is going through a crisis because of COVID- 19 pandemic, people are in lockdown and most of them are “Working from Home”. Fronius India is fighting through the lockdown in innovative ways. At Fronius India, we decided to find ways to be in touch with our customers and resolve their queries, we decided to create an online campaign that will help people get information about the experts that we have in the relevant fields.

The communication revolved around the primary business expertise that Fronius has started from professional welding tools – these products are single and three-phase products that can be used by even a fabricator to work on his welding requirements. We also offer products like Accupocket which are battery-operated and are not dependent on power supply alone.

How fronius India is fighting through the lockdownWe also offer solutions for Educational institutes to set up “Professional Welding Labs” to enhance the skills of the students and get real-time industry knowledge. On similar lines, we have also launched “RACER” which is an acronym for Robotic Automation Cell for Education and Research Institute.

Welding solutions for various industry verticals

The next expertise we highlighted is the automation and cladding industry; we have a solution for oil and gas refineries, yellow goods segments, etc. We also have highlighted on our expertise in the Robotics segment, the robotics segment is highly important for the “Industry 4.0” revolution. This is also for faster productivity and precision. We also have a training facility to train the welding professionals also the upcoming talent.

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Under the training facility, we have trained close to 450+ welding professional in Maharashtra, Chennai, Bangalore, Delhi and Ahmedabad for free. We also highlighted on expertise regarding the service part of the business, our teams are working remotely and helping our customers.

This campaign was very well appreciated and people who had queries have spoken to our expert had taken the required guidance. To go one step ahead for the employee engagement “product trainings” were conducted. There were trainings conducted for our Partners and customers as well.

We all know how an idle mind can become a devil’s workshop, hence the whole objective behind these activities is to make use of this time and enhance everyone’s knowledge.

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