How to find the right jobs in the Retail Sector through job fairs


Are you looking for employment opportunities in the Retail sector? Are you tired of waiting for recruiter’s response after sending your application? You can explore other ways to get the job that want. One of them, is job fair, or rozgar mela, regularly conducted by the Retails Association’s Skill Council of India (RASCI).

Job fairs can turn out to be a win-win situation for both you and the recruiters. Job fairs provide opportunities for both fresher and experienced candidates. You will get a chance to meet the top recruiters in the market under one roof. You also get exposure to many avenues to build your career and acquire necessary skills on -the-job.

Are you ready for attending job fairs in the Retail Sector?

If you are keen on working in the Retail sector, you can start your career with Retail Sales Executive. This job suits people who like to meet customers, talk to them directly, explain things patiently and also learn about the products or services. You may have to stand for hours in many cases! So, be sure when you attend an interview at the job fair about what the nature of work.

Before meeting the potential recruiters, learn about the preferred job location. This can get this information during the job fair itself. You may prefer to work in a store or a mall close to where you live. Or, there could be options to work outside your district or state. It is important to decide on this aspect, if it means you need to migrate to a different place.

To impress employers and get hired, you need to plan and prepare well in advance. There is no guarantee that attending a job fair will fetch you a job. However it definitely is a stepping stone in your job search. Even if you do not land a job right away, the contacts and the experience will help for future interviews and openings.


Job fairs from RASCI

In order to help the candidates meet the recruiters and get hired, Retail Sector Skill Council is organizing Rozgar Mela in different cities on different dates. The Rozgar Mela provides an opportunity to explores different job roles like Retail Sales Associate, Distributor Salesman, and Retail Team Leader. You can keep track of the upcoming job fairs by visiting this page:

Follow RASCI on their social media or website to keep checking for updates and changes to the tentative schedule. You might get to meet your prospective employer in your city!

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