The Hunnarbaaz series: Introduction to Hospitality skills and jobs

Inspiration: student’s success story

Here is a story of one of the candidates, Santosh from Bhubaneswar who completed a course from IL&FS Institute and is doing well today. Santosh Panda is from Bhuvaneshwar, his father worked in a temple as a priest. He comes from a very economically backward family, his entire family depends on his income now. He took a course in the hospitality sector and joined the food production department in a good hotel in Orissa. This was possible due to the skill based training he received.

Inspiration: industry leader’s story

Take a look at this video to get a sneak peak into the life and principles of Vitthal Kamat who is the owner of the chain of Kamat hotels in India. Mr. Kamat believes, in addition to talent, determination, dedication and discipline can take you a long way in life.

According to him skill is personal but hard work is very essential. He says the service industry requires coaching and training and day to day briefing. He talks about the transition in the mind set of people about the hospitality industry, earlier it was not considered a respectable job but today it is a thriving and prestigious industry who everyone wants to be a part of. He quotes a famous saying ‘Talent is a gift of God, and what you do with it is your gift to God.’

He says hospitality skills and application of knowledge can be achieved through training and coaching individuals and motivation leads them to use their wisdom.

He points out the areas where trainees can be employed which are housekeeping, chef, front office, airport representatives. His says he is in the industry as his heart is here.

Mr. Vittal’s simple motto is to never disappoint any customer as the customer is our god. His focus is not on just building an empire but building an Eco-friendly environment too. According to him 9th, 10th and 11th fail students can undergo vocational training and be successful in the hospitality industry. They can enhance their skills and offer it to the world.

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